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Trade Paperback
54 pages
Jun 2010
Gold Pen Press

Where the Jewels Are

by Diana Symons

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One day, after a lecture from her Father, the Princess was in a dark, moody, mood and wandered off into the long back hallways of the castle. She found a side door that led up to a tower she had never been in before. Around and around the stairs took her. Higher and higher she climbed until she could look out the little windows and see far into the countryside. When she reached the top of the tower, she opened the door to a little room. Inside were very odd instruments and a very off little made fidgeting with them.

"Hello", he said, looking up at her.

"Hello", she said looking around. "What is that?"

"This," said the little man, beaming as he proudly rubbed a long tube attached to a stand, "this is a telescopic stellar viewing machine. It's the latest thing for looking at the heavens."