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Trade Paperback
171 pages
Aug 2006
Green Key Books

Ablaze: Igniting Spiritual Passion for Life Through Reading God's Word

by Pam Gillaspie

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It is something most of us want. It is something most of us don’t know how to get. It scares us, it overwhelms us and it makes us shy away. What is “It?” It is passion; a holy passion for God. It sounds exciting but it sounds like something only people with no hormones and no past might be able to achieve. It is desirable but oh so unattainable. That would be what one would think but Pam Gillaspie has debunked every lie that has blocked regular people like you and me from going after a passionate relationship with God.

With great wisdom and down to earth practicality, Pam calls out and says, “This is not rocket science!” What a comforting word. It is not as hard as you might think. It is easier than you dreamed and it is available to anyone who really wants to have it. A holy passion for God comes out of a determined, purposeful relationship with His Word. He has said what He has to say. He has invited us to know Him and yet many of us, who call ourselves Christians, don’t know who He is or what He is like. We wonder, we guess and we rely on our pastors and priests to fill us in on what they think but a very small percentage of us really know.

If you want a relationship with God that takes you beyond a nodding acquaintance, this very direct and easy to read book is for you. Pam is innovative, creative and very pragmatic. Any one can take her directions and become God-seekers and God-knowers. There is no fog. There is no spiritual smoke. There is no “Let me impress you with the big words I know.” With humility but great intelligence, Pam puts the Word of God at your fingertips. She makes it easy, down to how to find a Bible that fits your lifestyle. Pam is passionate.

If you read Ablaze, you cannot avoid being ignited with Holy Passion.

I love it and recommend it without reservation.

Jan Silvious
Chattanooga, Tennessee