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Trade Paperback
372 pages
Oct 2010
Tate Publishing

The Two Suggestions: If Ten Commandments Are Too Tough, Try Two Suggestions

by Andrew McIntosh

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On Teen Internet Pornography: If you Yahoo 'free teen sex pictures' Yahoo gives you 142,000,000 pages to enjoy...two right clicks of the mouse and you've got a free porn collection!

On Creation and Evolution: The debate about creation and evolution is fair game. What is not fair is the efforts of one side to silence the rights of the other to their beliefs and opinions, a wrong historically committed by both sides.

On Homosexuality: Let the debate continue, but let it be infused with truthfulness instead of lies, starting with the scientific fact that people are not born gay.

On Suicide: There, in the middle of the gray, dead cement basement room, a boy hangs from a floor joist above by a length of shipping strapping, its length stretched to its limit, its form cut deeply into the boy's neck...We learn later he was bullied at school.

On Faith: All the arguments in the world for or against Christ don't matter... It all comes down to this; either you want to believe or you don't. And then you live your life accordingly.