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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Sep 2006

How to Pray for Your Wife: A 31-Day Guide

by Mark A. Weathers

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Proverbs 31:10a

An excellent wife . . .


The original author of Proverbs 31 chooses an interesting adjective to introduce us to the woman of excellence. Instead of graceful or careful, which we might expect, she uses a strong word more closely related to battle imagery than to femininity. Some of the meanings attached to the word excellent are “valiant,” “mighty,” “fearless,” “strong,” and “morally worthy.”1

In my experience as a pastor I have found that one of the universal characteristics of women is their desire for security. Simply put, a woman’s biggest nightmare is to feel insecure and abandoned. Look at the story of Cinderella, or consider the books and movies women love, and you’ll see that in every woman is a girl waiting to be rescued and protected by her man. The bottom line is, women want to feel safe. But from where should true security come?

Ultimate security comes from God and is provided by the gospel. Christ, our Head, fought to rescue us from death, and he promises his presence for eternity.2 In addition to looking to Christ for ultimate rescue and security, women look to their husbands. As husbands, we are the heads of our wives,3 and it is our calling to provide security for them in the same way that Christ provides for his bride.4 We do this by creating an atmosphere where our wives (and children) can feel safe and secure. When done according to God’s design, our marriages become things of beauty that point others to the glorious gospel.

As God demonstrates his love for us by guarding and defending us, and as we demonstrate the same love for our wives, an atmosphere of safety is created, an arena where a woman can come to life. Within a safe environment she can more easily shed her fears and insecurities and thus be freed to express the image and glory of God in her femininity.

A man is made to display strength, and a woman is made to respond to it. Husbands display their strength when they tenderly direct it toward their wives and fiercely direct it toward anything or anyone that would harm them. Such strength is redemptive and life-giving, and it provides the security a wife needs to be strong.

Suggested Prayer

Lord, set my wife free as a redeemed daughter, and restore in her your image so that she might become a strong and mighty woman.

Enable my wife to trust in you that you might deliver her from fears and insecurities that haunt her.

Enable me to be a husband who provides security to my family just as you provide security for your people. Help me to point my family to you through my words and actions.

Day One: Security Journal

Are there specific insecurities with which your wife struggles and from which she desires freedom? Write your prayer for her in the space below.


Answers to Prayer

How has the Lord answered your prayers as you pray for your wife in this area? When was the last time you admired your wife’s fortitude? Include it here.

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