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98 pages
Mar 2004
Crossway Books

Hymns for a Kid's Heart (Volume 2, Book w/CD)

by Bobbie Wolgemuth & Joni Tada

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Grown-ups Who Love Children 9
Hymns About God
1. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 14
2. Fairest Lord Jesus 20
3. To God Be the Glory 26
Hymns About Christian Living
4. Trust and Obey 34
5. Wonderful Words of Life 40
6. Onward, Christian Soldiers 46
Hymns About Our Home in Heaven
7. When We All Get to Heaven 54
8. We're Marching to Zion 60
9. Like a River Glorious 66
Hymns of Celebration and Patriotism
10. God of Our Fathers 74
11. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come 80
12. My Country, 'Tis of Thee 86
Do You Know What It Means? 92


Portability. Because we're always on the go, it's one of the most desirable features of the things we own. From telephones to personal computers to CD players, we love being able to "take it with us wherever we go."

Because it's an instrument that goes with us everywhere, God had such a good idea when he gave us a voice to sing. It's portable pleasure, no matter how simple or talented the gift. Our spirits can be lifted at any time, in any place, and in every circumstance when we play our favorite hymns on these instruments.

Infact, recently we were wheeling and walking the hallways of a convention event, when we started harmonizing on "Onward Christian Soldiers" to liven our steps and our spirits. In no time our portable instruments had allowed us to reset our attitude and ready us for the rigors of a busy day.

When is the last time you caught yourself humming in the car or in the grocery store aisle? If you're like the two of us, you probably do this more than you realize. That voice you carry around with you is meant to be used. And there's nothing quite like humming and having words from the great hymns of the faith to pull out and play on that portable instrument.

Ever since we were little girls, someone has filled our musical memory banks with classic hymns that are ready anytime and anyhwhere.

My own dad, Johnny Eareckson, was the chief song leader in our family--little wonder I was proud to be his namesake, Joni Eareckson, and to harmonize happily on all my father's melodies. I remember long car trips with my parents and three sisters marking miles by making music. It really did make the time go faster. And from my little perch on the ledge beneath the back window, (long before safety seats were required) I was filled with awe when I spied the majestic Rocky Mountains rising up over the horizon. That's when my daddy began to sing "Rock of Ages, cleft for me," and we girls chimed in from the backseat. I can relive the moments of pure pleasure every time I tote along one of those old family favorites. And today, there's nothing more wonderful than gathering a group of kids around me and happily harmonizing on songs about Jesus. I want to tuck the treasured hymns into their hearts so they can carry the love Jesus with them, too.

As little Bobbie Gardner, my earliest music memory was first grade music class at Jamestown Elementary school. The words and the melody of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" actually made my heart beat faster. Walking home from school that afternoon, I sang the myn over and over again, reliving that glorious moment of music that had catapulted me into another world. So strong was the longing for more moments of transport that I could hardly wait for the next music class day.

And that's just what the hearts of all children long for. They need to soar. Just as birds need air to fly and fish need water to swim, children need music to voice their spiritual longings, to voice the praise that is part of their souls. When we hand them the gift of great music, they discover the pleasure. The more truth and beauty we share with them, the more they understand. For like time capsules, great music and lyrics continue to release over time.

And this is the reason we bring you Hymns for a Kid's Heart, Volume Two. For us, some of our favorite hymns of adoration and movin' along songs are these. And we have included some hymns and stories about heaven and the celbration that awaits us.

It's true. Every time we sing a hymn, we are lifting our day and everything that's a part of it to God in grateful expectation. The children you love can too. You can give them this gift that will go everywhere with them.