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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Mar 2004
WaterBrook Press

Listen to Your Life: Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success

by Valorie Burton

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Chapter 1

Your daily habits say a lot about what you value and what takes priority in your life. If a hidden camera had recorded your actions over the last week, what would it reveal about your relationship with God? If you truly want to connect with God, then make sure your actions reflect that priority. One way you can do this is to develop three daily spiritual habits—simple but deliberate actions for connecting with God.

I’ve listed here a number of ways you can incorporate spiritual connection into your daily life. Choose three of these to incorporate into each day—or try out an idea of your own.

Praise and worship. Each day is an opportunity to praise God for the life you’ve been given. It is also an opportunity to worship with your life. You do that by allowing your life to be an example of God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and abundance. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, How can I serve God today through my actions and my life?

Pray. This is simply a way of communicating your thoughts to God. If you can think, you can pray. Prayer is what you make it. It can be your way of saying thank you, making a request, sharing your thoughts, asking for guidance, or listening for wisdom. Prayer opens the door of spiritual communication.

Meditate. Meditation is a means of quieting your mind and connecting spiritually. It is an extension of prayer. Often during these moments, God communicates to you, giving you wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. But it requires that you stop talking and start listening. Even when you hear nothing, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes the answer to your prayer is simply “Be still.”

Count your blessings. This is a simple but powerful tool for putting life into perspective. Count at least ten blessings every day—while you are driving or taking a walk or washing dishes. Practice being in a state of continual gratitude.

Keep a spiritual journal. Consider keeping a written record of your prayer requests, answers, inspiring moments, and life challenges. Over time you will be amazed to look back and see the answered prayers and the spiritual growth you have experienced.

Write a letter to God. Sharing your thoughts and prayers with God in the form of a letter can be an intimate way of strengthening your relationship with Him. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, just honest and sincere. Every now and then when I write to God, He writes back! He fills my spirit with His message for me, and I write it down as quickly as I can.

Read your Bible and spiritually uplifting books. What you feed your mind will ultimately be revealed in your attitudes and actions. Reading God’s Word on a daily basis is a way to build yourself up spiritually through a deeper understanding and knowledge of His plan for successful living.

Enjoy nature. God’s amazing goodness is all around us if we will simply take the time to notice it. Appreciate the beauty of nature and the imagination of the Creator by taking a walk, listening to the whistling birds, and enjoying the gentle breeze as it cools your skin on a summer day.

Pay attention to the “sermons in stones.” Shakespeare said that there are “sermons in stones.”1 He was right. By tuning in to the lessons all around you, you begin to experience the many avenues of divine communication. God speaks to us through situations, through people, and through His Word. Our job is to tune in so that we can get the lessons He is trying to teach us. You can find yourself in the same situations time and again if you do not learn to view your failures and mistakes as learning tools.

Quiet down enough to hear that still, small voice. Often people embrace noise in an effort to drown out the silence. They turn on the radio, the television, their favorite music CD—anything for a little background noise or a distraction from internal disquiet. But it is in those silent moments that you are able to listen to your life and hear the voice of God directing your steps. You must be willing to clear the clutter that clogs your mind and keeps you from recognizing that still, small voice that can lead you to the path to success. Deliberately spend a day without watching television, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, or surfing the Internet, and notice how much more connected you feel.

Trust your inner voice. Don’t sabotage your own success by failing to trust your inner voice. While you must first quiet down enough to hear the voice, it only becomes valuable to you when you trust the voice enough to heed it and act on it. It is essential to trust your “sixth sense.” It is God’s way of communicating to you. By trusting, you take a leap of faith to do things that may not make immediate sense in the physical realm, but spiritually they are right on target.