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Jul 2005
FamilyLife Publishing

What God Wants for Christmas: An Interactive Kid-Friendly Nativity

by  FamilyLife

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What God Wants for Christmas was designed to create an experience with your children around the truth of the Christmas story. As you use this resource together, you will:

  • connect with your children's hearts.
  • understand the true meaning of Jesus' birth.
  • create simple yet meaningful family times during the busy month of December.
  • discover that what God wants for Christmas is your heart.
  • provide your child with an opportunity to trust Jesus as Savior.

To get the most benefit from this resource, you will want to become familiar with each of the elements before using it with your child. This will help to create a much more meaningful experience. What God Wants for Christmas contains:

  • seven gift boxes-six contain characters in the Christmas story, and the seventh contains a mirror
  • a pop-up manger scene
  • a poem that corresponds with the seven gift boxes

Notice that each box is numbered to correspond with the seven sections in the poem and that boxes one through six each contain a hand-painted figure to be placed in the manger scene. The seventh box does not contain a character but instead contains the mirror.

Be sure to read the poem aloud to yourself to become familiar with the rhyme and meter. You may also want to practice being a little more animated to make the experience more fun, especially for younger children.

For more suggestions and information on how to use this exciting resource, please see the booklet included in What God Wants for Christmas!