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160 pages
Nov 2006
Tyndale House Publishers

Sacred Obsession

by Becky Tirabassi

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WHAT IS the Sacred Obsession?

    The life-changing power of God.

    The indwelling presence of God.

    The passion of Christ.

    The consuming, purifying fire of God.

    The voice of God.

The Sacred Obsession is the Holy Person, the Holy Spirit of

the living God.


IF, WITH EVERY PART of your body, mind, and soul, you will pursue,

    even relentlessly chase after the Sacred Obsession,

        until you capture a holy passion, you will experience

            a refining fire, an unquenchable love, and

                a dynamic and overcoming power . . .

                    washing over you—wave after wave.

I, like so many throughout the centuries, experienced an immediate and dramatic physical and moral transformation. The unexplainable presence of a holy God—in one hour—purged and purified me, then absolutely changed me into a new, radically different person than I was before.

Judging by the accounts others have written, my reaction to that experience was normal. Exuberant, zealous, passionate love for God and His Word, not present the hour before, instantly consumed my person and personality. The abrupt, profound moral changes, my newfound spiritual hunger and unrestrained desire to share my experience with others— even at the loss of friends and job—were not only sustained for days and months but have remained consistent and strong for over three decades.

What a fool I would have been to hold on to what enslaved me and refuse this pure love! And what I lost— those people and things I gave up to know and follow Christ— never loved me anyway.

Some would say I became a fanatic as I exhibited out-ofcontrol, unusually ecstatic excitement to tell others about my encounter with God. Some thought I had been manipulated.

Perhaps the greatest proof that I possess the Sacred Obsession—a holy affection—happened in that moment when God entered my heart. Instantly, I felt His love and loved Him in return! And in that very same moment, I hated and turned from the addiction and immorality that had enslaved me for years. No hesitation, no fear, no doubt. This was real.

There is no other explanation. Nothing else can account for the powerful, purifying presence of the Holy Spirit in my life except that the Sacred Obsession, the Holy Spirit of the living God, invaded my person and personality and changed me . . . saved me.

This is the experience—well-documented for centuries— of those who have called themselves sinners, surrenderedtheir entire wills to God, turned from their old lives,  and invited the Person and power of the Holy Spirit toindwell them.

The day when Christ comes into your heart and fills you with His Holy Spirit is meant to be dynamic, passionate, and life changing! It is the moment, the realization that you are supernaturally empowered to no longer be the same. You are no longer destined for eternal death. You are no longer enslaved by sin. You are given a newlife . . . and a newpower to live that life! You are forgiven. You receive eternal life.

How can you respond to such an experience with any other emotion than relief, joy, tears, laughter, or amazement? Why not be ecstatic? You have experienced an unspeakable joy that comes from the deep, divine, undeserved forgiveness of a Holy God.

IT IS NORMAL to be excited about someone you love.

It is normal to be passionate.

It is abnormal, perhaps even a sign of trouble, if you are passive, bored, or unenthusiastic about your true love.

So why here, on earth, should your holy affection for the living, loving God ever fade or remain unexpressed? Who would it benefit for you to be reserved, unenthusiastic, or passionless about the most Sacred Obsession of your life? In fact, isn’t that what everyone is searching for and chasing after—endless love, overwhelming joy, undeserved forgiveness, eternal life? In heaven, your gratitude to the Holy God will be eternal—you will worship Him forever. You will join throngs of angels who praise His name, acknowledging His power and glory forever and ever.

    GOD IS NOT PASSIVE in His love toward you. I see no reason, whatsoever, to be passive in your love toward Him.

If you chase after Him, He will not only reveal Himself to you as the object of your deepest longing and heart’s desire, but He will fill up to overflowing every emptiness! He will fall all over you with His love and presence. He wants to love you deeply. He will light your inner fire; He will warm your heart. He will quench your thirst. He will fill your hunger with Himself. He will immediately infuse you with all you need to exhibit discipline and courage. He will enable you to do what you could not do before.

    You choose or refuse the Sacred Obsession.

    You chase after or neglect the Sacred Obsession.

    You invite or ignore the Sacred Obsession.

    You embrace or avoid the Sacred Obsession.

    Whatever you chase after, you become.

When your zeal and affection are directed toward the holy, you will become holy. You will find supernatural inner strength in God’s divine energy flowing through you. You will exhibit unusual abilities that you (and others) know are not your own. You will be satisfied.

And this, of course, will be your sign, your proof that you are obsessed with the sacred.

I beg you to relinquish, with one final act of confession, the unholy things that rule your life and resolve never to look back longingly on your unholy passions. Then pursue with your wildest passion and wholehearted affection . . . the holyOne. There you will find the most sacred obsession of your life.

But don’t stay there too long without going out to tell others where He may be found . . . what He is really like . . . how much He loves . . . He is waiting for you to tell them about your Sacred Obsession.

    THERE IS ONLY ONE holy passion. There is only one Sacred Obsession.