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Aug 2005
J Countryman

Beyond the Sorrow

by Tammy Trent

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The Lord Is Near
to the Brokenhearted

This story is not just my life’s story. All who risk loving, risk losing the one they love. Sometimes that loss comes through death of the one we love, other times love itself seems to have died when a relationship is broken. In every loss, we have to look to the very source of love, to Jesus Christ, for strength to keep pressing on. He has given us precious promises in His Word to bring the pieces of our lives back together.The Bible is like an eternal love letter that will give us hope through all of life’s trials and unite our hearts with His.

I’ve just made it through the hardest weekend of the year for me—the anniversary of the day I lost my husband, Trent, in a diving accident. As a young married couple, we thought we’d have a long lifetime to grow old together. We had just begun to talk about starting a family when he was taken from me. If you could see me sitting here, you’d see a woman who’s still very broken. I must admit, there are still days when all I want to do is close the window shades and curl up on the couch praying that I’ll wake up from this unbelievable dream that my life has become. I’ve traveled through grief and sorrow, and God keeps calling me to a new place, to take a step—just one step at a time—that will take me beyond the sorrow into His joy.

His Invitation

One of the most important choices anyone can make in life is to keep living, no matter what circumstances surround you. It is never hopeless when you know the Lord, when you know who God really is—not some figure up on a throne, but someone who loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you. Knowing we are not alone and that we will be comforted is what helps us make it through. God is still good when life is hard. And His invitation to choose life is always there for us.

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