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32 pages
Jan 2006
New World Publishing

Benjamin Oliver Flanagan

by A. Dale Triplett

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Benjamin Oliver Flanagan
A Boy with his little red wagon
Happy and free, bouncy and sweet,
Riding through trails of shenanigans

Benjamin’s lucky as lucky can be,
He has lots of toys, way more than me!
He has robots and airplanes and shiny bright cars,
Pogo sticks, tricycles, chrome monkey bars

Castles and blocks, G.I. Joes with green socks,
Roller skates, monsters and more
Puppy dogs on a string, little phones that go “ding!”
And stuff that I’ve not seen before

But with all of his toys, just like so many boys,
You’d think he’d be bubbly with glee,
But for all of his treasure, none other can measure,
To his little red wagon, named Speedy.

Now little Ben Flanagan with Speedy in tow,
Can be seen in the rain and the sleet and the snow,
Bouncing and flouncing and racing around,
Scaring the pigeons and kittens in town

The townfolk all smile as he rambles on by,
“Not a care in the world,” “Such a gleam in his eye!”
Raring and daring as he takes on each bend,
Surely such happiness never can end?