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184 pages
Jul 2003

Thunder on the Left

by Gary Aldrich

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“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.” —Barry Goldwater

“Moderation in the face of the Hard-Left agenda is a dangerous folly or simple cowardice.” —Gary Aldrich

January 20, 2003, marked an important date for me. Exactly ten years before, a rag-tag tribe of passionate, true-blue Hard-Lefties entered the White House and began their destruction of the office of the president, our national security, and our American values. I was an eyewitness to their dangerous evils.

Just as they had bullied and bamboozled Washington political leaders during the radical Sixties when they turned our world upside down, in the nineties, the Hard-Left once again ran roughshod over D.C. and the nation as a whole.

Our slow learners, some still in power, scratch their heads, attempting to make sense of what happened during those eight horrible years. September 11, 2001, enlightened some, but others still don’t get it—or at least they don’t appear to.

Back in 1993, when I documented the presence of the Hard-Left as an FBI agent working in the White House and got a glimpse of their agenda, I tried to warn my superiors. I was certain, given that they were responsible for the maintenance of domestic and national security, that they would be gravely concerned. And yet, the FBI remained blind to the dangers of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their many Hard-Left conspiracies.

At that time, the FBI only seemed interested in maintaining a budget, fearing that Clinton would force massive cuts. Indeed, Clinton tried to cut the FBI’s budget in spite of the friendly—even ingratiating—posturing of FBI bureaucrats. ankfully, Congress overruled Clinton and restored the FBI’s budget.

In contrast to Congress’s swift protection of intelligence agency budgets, they moved like molasses on a cold day in January when it came to the many dangers the Hard-Left Clinton administration represented to our culture and our national security.

It’s a fact that Clinton’s like-minded political operatives monkey-wrenched national security safeguards in every important agency in the executive branch, right under the nose of Congress. Many representatives and senators acted bewildered or unconcerned by what was clearly a mindless and gratuitous destruction of critical agencies. Still others wrongly believed this to be a momentary chaos occasioned by know-nothing hillbillies from a backward Southern state.

As I reflect on those years, I realize that there were but a precious few in Washington who understood the threat for what it really was.

Pundits, journalists, authors, educators and politicians also struggled to make sense of the corruptive activities flowing from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but most missed the mark by a mile.

Common sense told the people of this nation what was really going on. at’s why my book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, about what I had learned as I worked behind enemy lines, shocked the nation but became a #1 New York Times bestseller.

I reported the truth about the Clinton White House, and the people instantly recognized the truth, as I knew they would.

After the book’s success, I was immediately swept up into the opposing political movement. At first, I’m sure the Soft-Hearted Right liked having me around as exhibit A—I was proof of what they had been trying to tell the world about the Hard-Left.

The credibility and special status afforded me by the Right was due to my time inside the largest, most significant collection of this country’s Hard-Left.

There were others who had tried in vain to warn us of the impending calamities that would rain down on this nation if the Hard-Left was allowed to continue on their dangerous path. But they were quickly dismissed by the mainstream media as scolds and cranks.

Their work was labeled as the highly subjective rants of hysterical Right Wing Conservatives. It didn’t matter how well they documented their allegations or marshaled their facts. Today, I call my new associates the Soft-Hearted Right because I have never worked around a nicer, more polite, more honest, more civil group of people since I helped collect dirty dishes after a Sunday church pot luck dinner.

I’ve lived and worked closely with this fine group ever since I emerged from behind enemy lines, and I’ve gotten to know them very well. For the past seven years I’ve continued my investigations of the Hard-Left, and I’ve also been able to observe members of the Soft-Hearted Right on a regular basis.

Members of the Soft-Hearted Right are the same adults who volunteer to become Boy Scout leaders, or run blood drives, or walk door-to-door collecting money for the Red Cross.

The Soft-Hearted Right are the ones who stand at attention when the flag is brought into the meeting room by the neighborhood firemen.

They are the ones who become teary-eyed at the NASCAR race when their favorite country singer belts out the national anthem.

Take it from me: the Soft-Hearted Right are God-fearing, hardworking, patriotic citizens who love the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and believe with all their hearts that what’s written in the Declaration of Independence is absolutely true.

And the most ungenerous, intolerant, radical words they have to say to those who violently disagree with their beliefs is, “Why don’t you behave yourselves and get some manners?”

That’s what scares the living daylights out of the Hard-Left! Because if the Hard-Left was ever forced to behave like ladies and gentlemen, they’d have to give up lying about themselves and their agenda.

Without lying to their followers, the Hard-Left would find few to listen to their Socialistic rants about how the world will be a much better place when they’re finally in charge of everyone’s life!

If by some miracle the Hard-Left suddenly had manners, they’d no longer be able to scream and shout and talk over those who are objecting to their corruptive, failed, deadly ideology.

The Hard-Left will never behave, will always lie, and will never become mannerly. You’ll never find real gentlemen or ladies in the Hard-left.

I now know precisely who the Hard-Left is and what they want.

And the more I learn about them, the more convinced I am that they are dangerous to our country and our way of life.

I believe it’s time for somebody to blow their cover, and I think I’m just the one to do it.

When I wrote my last book, I was aggressively interrogated, then criticized by an angry media that could not understand how I could work in the White House as an FBI agent and then write a bestseller. Some of their discomfort came from their belief that only the liberal Bob Woodwards of the world are ever qualified to report what happens in the hallways of the West Wing.

The Hard-Left is determined to control the message by attacking people like me who tell the truth! Those same media scolds are out there now, waiting to pounce on anybody who dares to break the mold. ey’ll attack any daring to write or talk about the current political dangers that face us. In short, they attack anybody who’s not a Liberal.

Just ask Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Michelle Malkin, Mona Charen, and G. Gordon Liddy, to name but a few.

They’re Conservatives who’ve recently written bestselling books, each telling the dramatic truth from their unique perspectives. they are trying to warn us about the dangers we face from the Hard-Left.

But media elites hate them and describe them as “extremists” or “immoderate liars”—and that’s the nicest thing they have to say about these modern-day patriots and their wonderful books.

The mainstream media won’t dare address an obvious question: Why are people reading conservative books in record numbers?

They sneer, claiming that these books and their annoying authors are merely a fad, entertained and supported by ignorant people who wish they could go back to the way things were during the good old days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, they are talking about you.

The mainstream media is blinded by their obvious bias. I believe the majority of Americans—like you—are fed up with the dangerous agenda of the Hard-Left.

I believe you are becoming wise to the lies. I believe you are sick of the bullying. And I believe you’re mad enough about what the Hard-Left has done to our country that you will continue to do more than merely cast votes in periodic elections.

I believe that you and the other soldiers in the vast army of the Soft-Hearted Right are energized and engaged in a way that this country has rarely seen.

You are organizing, marching, and calling your congressmen. And you’re voting in the booths and also with your wallets as you support conservative organizations like e Patrick Henry Center.

You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore! Am I right?

Alas, I fear that too often we’re too soft-hearted. And while tolerance and forgiveness is virtuous, it also happens to be our Achilles’ heel. We need to toughen up a bit.

And, we on the Soft-Hearted Right need to learn more about the Hard-Left if we’re to defeat or better control this scourge. If the Soft-Hearted Right wants to stop our country’s drift toward deadly Socialism and repair the damage the Hard-Left has done to our culture, you’ll need to better understand the nature of the enemy that you’re up against.

When you study them, the first thing you’ll discover is that the Hard-Left is not composed of liberal patriots, as some would have you believe. No, the Hard-Left harbors a vicious hatred for our Traditional American Values, our flag, our Constitution, and a sneering hatred toward our faith in God.

Tje Hard-Left reflexively hates anything it cannot comprehend. The Hard-Left consistently favors a Socialistic, Godless, one-world government—a strong omnipotent central government where average citizens have no real liberty, and where they, the Hard-Left, decide how lives shall be lived, and who gets and who gives.

If they ever prevail, the Hard-Left will get and my soft-hearted friends and I will be the givers. That’s because every single Socialistic government in the world has eventually turned its honest citizens into beasts of burden, into donkeys fit only to pull the carts of government.

Why, we wonder, don’t they love liberty, as we do—as Patrick Henry and many other Founding Fathers envisioned it? Why are they so violently intolerant of freedom? Why are they so disturbed by those who want to worship God and have Him as a central part of their everyday lives, including—yes—even a part of the federal government?

Why does the Hard-Left even continue to exist? Why are these people so hard to defeat, and why can’t we control them? Why is their influence felt so dramatically beyond what their puny numbers would suggest, especially when the general population of this country votes again and again to support and restore conservatism as our preferred way of living?

These are tough questions. No matter how much I study the Hard-Left, I’ll never understand why some people live to destroy themselves and others. Why do they seem determined to ruin the best country on the face of this earth?

Why hasn’t the resulting messy and deadly chaos they’ve created taught them that their way is always a predictable and regrettable failure, no matter how many times it’s forced upon civilized people?

What I do know is that the Hard-Left has always been among us, and will probably always be a force, somewhere in the world, that we ignore or underestimate at our own peril.

Like the mythical Dracula, the Hard-Left can—from time to time—appear to be dead or dying. But we cannot be fooled for one moment!

We must not let our soft, kind hearts drop our guard for even a second. That’s because what appears to be finished and at rest, can rise up to inflict a deadly wound when you least expect it. Take it from a former law enforcement officer.

Even when the Hard-Left is weakened, it is strong in ways that decent, honest people cannot even imagine. With the mythical Dracula, there could be finality—a silver stake could be driven through its heart. If someone was courageous enough to do that—the story goes—the bloodsucking evil menace would never again threaten innocent adults and children.

There is no silver stake solution for what faces us. I believe a tougher stance and a harder heart is the only thing that stands between our nation as we love it, and eventual destruction forced upon us by the dangerously irrational armies of the Hard-Left.