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Trade Paperback
250 pages
May 2010

Dragons or Dinosaurs

by Darek Isaacs

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Chapter 1

The Mount of Dragons

What a remarkably expensive word dragon has proven itself to be. No small number of biblical translators has assumed a haunting debt on their conscience due to this creature’s stubborn presence in the native languages of our Scriptures. We must fully calculate this cost.

Our most ancient manuscripts actually speak of dragons as a reality. It is a fact that cannot be reconciled any other way. The Old Testament scribes wrote that they saw the creatures, prowling, swimming, hissing, and even breathing fire. The ramifications of such are substantial.

The mythological status of dragons threatens the inerrancy of Scripture. How could it not? A truly almighty, omniscient God would hardly inspire His prophets to speak of a creature that really was not a creature at all.

Modern translators simply could not allow the dragon to have an authentic seat at the biblical table in these modern, sophisticated times. Therefore, in poor form, a blind eye is turned to that scaly and unwanted dinner guest. Indeed, some have exchanged their conscience to evade the seemingly unanswerable question: Does the Bible actually speak of dragons?

This kind of biblical stumble is just what the humanists have ordered--indeed, they don’t need much to mount a full frontal attack on the Bible with such claims. These dragons, if unfounded and unreal, shall be most unforgiving. They would inevitably force Christianity, and all of its “baggage” to fade into oblivion before the next dawn.

This dragon problem would be more known today if the masses were at all skilled in their Scriptures or if the Western Church, as a whole, even cared about biblical literacy. Certainly, dullness of scholarship amongst the Church brethren is a topic for a different work at a different time.

All this rhetoric concerning the word dragon is certainly causing a stir in the old guard. I can feel the worried fretting of those urging me to choose my battles wisely--to use caution before picking what hill is worth dying on. It certainly appears I am picking a fight that cannot be won. Nevertheless, with no retreat and with my able spade in hand, I am digging up an age-old monster that has been secretly entombed for many centuries. Therefore, here I stand on the Mount of Dragons.

From this summit, I cannot recant the truth of dragons in the Scriptures. I am not ashamed of the Bible, its words, its meanings, and its assertions. So, to the temporary hope of secularists, and to the anxiety-riddled, uninformed Church, I will shine a spotlight for all to see that the Bible speaks of dragons as real.

Yet, there is such a beautiful thing about illumination. Light chases away the darkness. Light reveals all that is visible, and nothing concealed by the dark can remain in such a state. So now, what if, when a tiny flame is sparked, we catch a pair of glimmering reptilian eyes staring back at us?

Imagine what would result if something that was thought to be wildly outrageous turned out to be tangible, touchable, and true? If that actually did happen, then what would that say for the source that claimed the unlikely truth?

The Bible, as I have shown in quick fashion in the opening verses, claims that dragons roamed the countryside once upon a time. Yet, much of our westernized world believes the creatures were merely fairy tales.

In a literal way, the mystery of the dragon holds a very peculiar and extremely surprising key. Dragons were either real, or they were not. The Bible, on that fact, is either deemed an irresponsible myth in its full breadth, or it contains a vast treasure of human knowledge--knowledge that outpaces the high ivory towers of modern academia to this day.

But let us carry that note and add the orchestra. Dragons would only be the beginning--for if the Bible was right about dragons, what about the chorus of the elaborate biblical song? What about concepts like sin and righteousness, stories of the blind who see, the lame who walk, and a life after death?

And even more so, the Bible is unmistakable that there will be accountability at the hands of a just and powerful God. There is the ultimate eternal destination of either Heaven or hell for every member of humanity. That is a destination that none can escape. Moreover, on that last chord, what about the most sublime of all graces? I am speaking, of course, of the forgiveness and shelter offered through Jesus Christ alone.

The stakes have escalated. I am so eagerly tempted to believe that the mystery of dragons has been saved in a cave for such a time as this. Because what is harder to believe: that dragons were actually real, or that Jesus Christ is the Author of life and the Savior of all humanity? The Bible claims the reality of both. Do you not want to know if dragons were real, now?