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160 pages
Mar 2004
Regal Books

A Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible's Light for Your Daily Walk

by Elizabeth Elliot

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Month Two

Day 11

The Necessity to Cover

There are things that it is our duty to cover in silence. We are told nowadays that everything ought to be expressed if we are truly “honest” and “open.”

Proverbs 11:13 says, “He who goes abroad as a talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing hidden.”

Jesus sometimes refused to reveal the truth about Himself, even when it would have seemed to us “an opportunity to witness.” He did not always answer questions. He did not always say who He was. He told some of those He healed to tell no one about it.

For every activity under heaven its time: . . . a time for silence and a time for speech (Eccles. 3:1-7).

A man of understanding remains silent (Prov. 11:12, RSV).

Lord, deliver me from the urge to open my mouth when I should shut it. Give me the wisdom to keep silent where silence is wise. Remind me that not everything needs to be said, and that there are very few things that need to be said by me.



Month Four

Day 7

Time for God

It is a good and necessary thing to set aside time for God in each day. The busier the day, the more indispensable is this quiet period for prayer, Bible reading and silent listening. It often happens, however, that I find my mind so full of earthly  matters that it seems I have gotten up early in vain and have wasted threefourths of the time so dearly bought (I do love my sleep!). But I have come to believe that the act of will required to arrange time for God may be an offering to Him. As such He accepts it, and what would otherwise be loss to me, I count as gain for Christ (see Phil. 3:8). Let us not be “weary in well doing” (Gal 6:9, KJV), or discouraged in the pursuit of holiness. Let us, like Moses, go to the rock of Horeb, where God says to us what He said to him: “You will find me waiting for you there” (Exod. 17:6).