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544 pages
Oct 2005
Broadman & Holman

The Assassins

by Oliver North & Joe Musser

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In The Assassins you’ll encounter these fascinating characters:

Brigadier General Peter J. Newman, a world-traveling U.S. Marine assigned to a top-secret National Security Council staff position at the White House, who has promised his wife and young children he’ll stick closer to home. But he doesn’t stay behind a desk for long. The latest crisis threatens both the nation he loves and the family he holds dear.

Senator James Waggoner, who plans to run for the presidency and sees the current crisis as a way of achieving his pursuit of power – by any possible means. Right and wrong are not high on his list of priorities.

Dimitri Komulakov, a Russian who stands to make hundreds of millions of dollars while playing a dangerous nuclear weapons game with his Iranian “clients.”

The President, caught in a series of events that will test his leadership, and determine his legacy.

Rachel Newman, who, after an affair early in her marriage, has rebuilt her relationship with her husband and wants him safe and at home. As terror escalates and Peter becomes more deeply involved in dangerous escapades, she wonders – will Peter always feel it’s his mission to save the world? Will their marriage survive?

William Goode, CIA deputy director of operations, who has in his possession a recording with information from an Arab Christian which could change the course of world events. But is his informant telling the truth?

Prince Arshad Ali Akbar-Salah, a 21-year-old Saudi prince and college student living in the United States whose family has been wiped out by terrorists. His life is about to change.