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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Mar 2006
Revell Books

Sexy Girls: How Hot Is Too Hot?

by Hayley DiMarco

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What is sexy? Are you? Do you wanna be?  Should you be sexy? And ultimately what is the goal of being sexy?

On my first day of first grade, my mom let me pick out my outfit. It was the end of summer, so I had all these cute summer clothes that I still loved. I chose a cool little outfit that was made of a little bitty skirt and a top that was really short, like a bathing suit top. I was only five, remember, so all I thought about was how much I liked that outfit. I was a clotheshorse even then.

Well, when I got to school and got into my classroom, a memory became forever etched in my head. My teacher took me aside and told me to go to the principalís office. I was improperly dressed, and my mom needed to come get me. I remember being completely embarrassed. Would I forever be the outsider now that I had made the fatal mistake of misdressing? I mean, I was five, how was I to know what was appropriate for school and what wasnít? My sole goal was to wear my favorite outfit, and so thatís what I did, without having a clue that it was inappropriate for school. Ah, the tragedy of youth!

Things didnít get much better from there. My sophomore year in high school, I decided that it was time for a change. Up until then I was the nerd. I wore two long, blond pigtails every day. And I only wore pink. Every single day of my life, only pink. But my sophomore year I got tired of being the fluffy pink geek, so I went for a more sexy look. I wasnít trying to be a sex queen or anything. I just wanted to be cute and to be thought of as hip. So I hit the stores running.

My mom gave me $400 to revamp my wardrobe, and thatís what I did. I remember the first day of school that sophomore yearósuddenly all the guys were looking at me. They had never looked at me before. I was suddenly in, or so I thought. I was now the hip dresser. Styles were different then, of course, but they were still designed to make girls sexy. And so I became, without giving much thought to the ramifications, a sexy girl. I started on a kind of campaign to remake my image, but the trouble was that I didnít really realize what I was now advertising. My newfound sexiness did get the attention of many a boy, but then what? I didnít know what to do with it. So I got labeled a tease (more on that later). I had advertised something I couldnít deliver. Trouble was, no one explained sexiness to me. I had no idea what it was doing to the guys in my rearview mirror. I didnít know the message I was sending. Letís face it, I was clueless when it came to sexy.

In Hollywood every starlet knows you have to have an image consultant. You have to hire someone who will help you craft an image that you want the rest of the world to buy. You want the world to get who you are as a star by how you dress, where you go, and who you are seen with. An image consultant, together with a PR agent, is the starletís best friend.

But starlets arenít the only ones who have an image to sell. Every day, whether you know it or not, you put together your own PR package. You decide every morning what image you want the rest of the world to see in you. You say to yourself, Fancy or casual? Sporty or revealing? You make choices that define your image. Everyone has oneóan image, that is. And if you donít get it yet, think about it like this.

Think about all your friends, enemies, acquaintances. Think about all the girls you know, and then start to think about what image they project. Your image is what other people think about you when you arenít around. Itís that impression you leave them with when you walk out of the room. And everyone has one. Whether you show up buttoned up and covered up or looking like you just jumped into the laundry basket and came out all dressed, you project an image that other people are picking up on. Like most people, you probably donít have the benefit of a full-time image consultant, but hold on, because Sexy Girls is cominí to the rescue! I want to help you figure out your imageówho you are, who you want to be, and who you want others to think you are. After that weíll craft a look that will present you to the rest of the world just the way you want to be presented. Your PR agent will be yourself. No exorbitant fees! No kissing up to you because youíre loaded! Just a great PR package that will help you define who you are and how you want others to respond to you.


See, itís all about marketing. Just like Sprite or A&F have a certain image that they want their target market to get, so each one of us has an image we want our target market to get. For most of you, your target is the male population at your school. Maybe when you were younger, your target audience was your best friends. Either way, every day when you get dressed, you create an image and marketing campaign that tells your target market what they get when they ďgetĒ you. Are you hot, sassy, playful, exciting, shy, seductive, or athletic? As Iíve said, youíve probably never really thought about this accidental marketing, but you do it. So why not take charge of your marketing campaign and make it what you want it to be and not some big accidentóor one waiting to happen? Letís start off with a little image consulting. This is the prep work we need to do before we dive into ďwhat sexy really isĒ and how we manage our own sexiness.