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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2005

Marriable: Taking the Desperate Out of Dating

by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

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5 Ways (for women) to Shut Up and Be Mysterious

  1. Keep part of your life to yourself
  2. Youíve had a lifetime to experience your life, donít shove it all down his throat in one phone call. Give him time to digest.
  3. Limit your phone calls
  4. The rule of thumb in managing your communication with the guy you want to land is this: keep the phone calls short.  Leave him wanting more.
  5. No last minute dates
  6. If he calls for a Saturday night date on Friday then heís either at the end of his list or just a really lousy planner. Either way, he needs to understand that you are not a last minute date. Itís really hard to say no to a date, any date, but you have to be strategic in becoming a woman of mystery.
  7. Donít whine
  8. The male psyche is such that when you whine he hears ďyou arenít doing things right.Ē His need to care for you is obliterated when you whine about thingsÖit makes him feel like he is to blame for your discomfort.
  9. Donít talk about other women
  10. GossipÖyou have to admit, it can be fun. Though we know itís bad, itís still something we canít often resist. But when it comes to men, lay off. What they hear when you talk bad about another woman is your insecurity.


How to Become Less of a Nice Guy and More of a Guy She Wants

  1. Donít tell her you love her too early on
  2. Make sure she is dying to hear you say it before you ever do.
  3. Donít get too far ahead of her emotionally
  4. Women love a guy who knows how to leadÖbut get too far ahead of her emotionally and you lose.
  5. Donít talk more than her
  6. Sure a girl loves a guy who talks with her, but she also likes to be heard. So donít try to compete with her in the area of talking.
  7. Have a life
  8. Guys who suddenly make the girl their entire life are boring. Girls want to see you with your friends, playing sports, working on carsÖwhatever. Just have a life so she doesnít feel like she has to support you emotionally. Thatís your job for her, not hers for you. (early in the dating relationship)