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32 pages
Feb 2006

Princess Madison and the Royal Darling Pageant

by Karen Scalf Linamen & Phyllis Hornung

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Have you ever met a princess with dirt under her nails?

Or bangs that won't lie flat?

Or freckles on her nose?

How ’bout a princess with holes in her jeans?

Or marbles in her pockets?

Or a crown that won’t behave?

Well, now you have, because Princess Madison is exactly that kind of princess.

You’re probably thinking, That’s impossible! Princesses are supposed to be perfect. They’re supposed to wear pink. They’re supposed to drink tea with their pinkies in the air.

That’s what Evangeline thought too. Evangeline is Madison’s big sister.

Evangeline is eleven and is precisely the kind of princess who wears pink, points her pinkie, and thinks she’s perfect.

To see the illustrations, click here to open the pdf of the first four pages.