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196 pages
Mar 2005
Augsburg Fortress Publishers

Finding God In The Singing River: Christianity, Spirit, Nature

by Mark I. Wallace

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  1. God Is Green
    The Earth Crisis Is a Spiritual Crisis / Ecocidal Addiction
    The Historic Agon of Spirit and Flesh
    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

  2. The Mother Bird God
    God on the Wing / The Trinity and Paganism / Is God Female?
    Biblical Imagery of the Earthen Mother Spirit

  3. Green Spirituality, Brownfields, and Wilderness Recovery
    The Current Environmental Debate
    Toxic Sacrifice Zones and the Quest for Justice
    Deep Ecology and Wilderness Activism
    Mediating the Debate, Green Spirituality, and Market Values

  4. Green Spirituality and the Problem of Humanism
    Dr. Seuss' The Lorax / The Priority of Human Being
    The Problem of Universal Reason in Humanist Thought
    The Problem of Species Chauvinism in Humanist Thought
    Extending the Horizon of Morality to Include All Life-forms

  5. Green Spirituality and the Invitation of Postmodernism
    The Challenge of Deconstructionism
    Is Nature Real? / Riding the Cusp
    Green Theology in a Postmodern, Constructionist Context
    Kenneth Gergen's Social Constructionism

  6. Earth God as the Wounded Spirit
    In the Vatican Museums / The cruciform Spirit
    Spirit and Earth, Union of Heart / The Wounded God
    Eating the Body and Drinking the Blood of God

  7. The World Is Alive with Spirit
    A Council of All Beings Ritual
    Sojourning in the Crum Woods
    The Crum Woods under Siege
    The Crum Woods as the Wounded Sacred
    Is the Crum Woods an Idol? / My Return to the River