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Trade Paperback
84 pages
Dec 2004
Group Publishing

Coloring Creations: 52 Bible Activity Pages

by  Group Publishing

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The sermon runs long. The lesson runs short. Your preschoolers are running all over the place.

Sometimes those days just happen. You've used every activity in the book, and the clock still says you have ten minutes of class left. It's Easter Sunday, and you have twice as many kids as usual and only half as many supplies. Your kids are losing interest in the lesson, and you desperately want to get them back. Children's ministry is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. It doesn?t always go the way you think it will, and sometimes you need a new and innovative--and fast--idea in your classroom.

So here it is: Coloring Creations: 52 Bible Activity Pages, the perfect book for anyone who has ever experienced "one of those days" in children's ministry. Coloring Creations looks like a coloring book, but it's more than just a coloring book. It's an activity page book. Each reproducible coloring page is accompanied by a relevant Bible story and Scripture verse, an activity to make the page 3-D, and an age-appropriate discussion guide to help you make the activity applicable and relevant for your students. Each activity in this book is a chance for you to expand on a lesson, dig a little deeper into a theme or topic, and teach a valuable lesson to your students.

The pages in this book are reproducible, so the book belongs on your bookshelf where it can be pulled out and used again and again--for years.

Each activity is based on a Bible story, which makes this book a wonderful tool for any children's ministry leader. Simply locate the activity page in this book that best accompanies the story you're teaching and you've got an instant enhancement for your lesson. The page will give you another opportunity for teaching the Bible story, as well as giving kids a fun craft activity that they can take home.

Each page also emphasizes a theme or point. This point is introduced through a Scripture verse, then continued in the activity and the discussion section. These central points or themes are focused on life application; they offer the children a way to live out the lesson of the Bible story. If children are discovering the story of the good Samaritan, they will learn to care for each other. If they hear the story of how Esther saved her people, they will understand that God has special plans for their lives.

Each coloring page is more than a coloring page: it's a 3-D, multisensory, supertactile creation! Your kids will color the page?decorate it, cut it, fold it, paint it, and all around change it.

Each page is accompanied by instructions to help you turn pictures into 3-D masterpieces that help kids learn and remember the Bible story and the theme. The instructions are simple, the supplies general, and the process rewarding. You won't just be adding stuff to be adding stuff either; each piece of the craft means something and will help you further enhance the lesson for your kids.

We know that sometimes coloring has been considered a simple time-stuffing activity. Well, no more! Coloring Creations can help you transform coloring time into relationship time?and teaching time, too. With this book, coloring becomes more than mere busywork--it's a chance to engage your children in dialogue, to grow deeper relationships, and to teach lasting Bible truths!

Now you no longer have to fear those days when class feels like it will never end. Just grab this book off your shelf, use the indexes to locate the activity page that best fits your lesson, make a copy of the page for each child, gather the necessary supplies--and get started on an activity that will help your children grow in their relationships with Jesus!