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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Sep 2006
Harvest House

Loving Life as an At-Home Mom

by Donna Otto

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loving life

For a woman at home with children, life isn’t always lovely. You know that, and I do too. I had the challenge of raising a strong-willed daughter who now is a mom herself. As a speaker to women’s groups around the country, I also hear weekly from young mothers about the joys, challenges, and heartbreaks of being at home with children.

Mindy is a mom I particularly remember. She came to me with tears in her big brown eyes and a look that would melt the coldest heart. She was desperate for encouragement and hope. She was an educated woman who had left a stimulating and exciting job to make her full-time job motherhood. Her world, once large and exciting, suddenly seemed very small: small house, small children, small budget, small wardrobe, and incessant small talk, usually at the three-year-old level. “Help!” Mindy cried. “Surely life is more than this! How can I survive?” Mindy’s story is repeated wherever I go. The situation differs, of course, but the theme is the same: “Help!”

Is this you? I call this book loving life as an at-home mom because, as an older woman who mentors young moms, I know some secrets. One has to do with the choices we make. One choice is choosing to love the life you have, especially as a mom at home, even when circumstances seem to squeeze some of the joy out of your day. Loving life is not just a dream; it’s possible and real. This book is for you from one who has traveled your road and counseled many young moms who are right where you are now.

Loving life as a mom at home involves understanding and embracing the four major facets of most full-time, at-home moms:

• You are a unique woman.
• You are a wife.
• You are a mom.
• You maintain a home.

We will look at each of these facets in the following pages. I’ve included lots of tips and suggestions for you to consider and follow. You’ll discover some pitfalls to avoid. Success stories from women like you will encourage you. Best of all, you will know that you are not alone—and the sweet gift you have as a mom at home can create a legacy that will resonate from generation to generation. This season of your life as a mother at home can be the richest and best you’ll ever enjoy. That’s why loving life as a woman, wife, homemaker, and mother at home is possible and within reach.

But first, let’s step back and look at your decision to be at home. There is a lot involved. Some of it has deep meaning beyond even the practical steps you considered when deciding with your husband to stay at home.