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Trade Paperback
Sep 2005
Harvest House Publishers

Living with Passion and Purpose: Luke

by Elizabeth George

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Lesson 1

Setting the Stage


Prepare yourself to meet Jesus, the “Son of Man.” As you read, keep in mind that this was Jesus’ favorite term for Himself. Also realize this term was a prophetic reference to Messiah (see Daniel 7:13-14). As you study the Gospel of Luke, you’ll run across this phrase 26 times.  More than that, Luke’s gospel account gives particular attention to His humanity. Luke’s writing is an accurate historical account (Luke 1:1-4) covering a period of about 35 years—from the birth of John the Baptist to the death and resurrection of Jesus. In it you’ll see Jesus, the Perfect Man, the one and only true Representative of the whole human race.

In addition you will enjoy many unique features in the longest of the four Gospels. For instance:


    • Luke recounts the miraculous birth of the forerunner, John the Baptist.

    • Luke alone writes of the boyhood of Jesus.

    • Luke gives numerous references to women not found in the other gospels. (See     

      Appendix on p. 152.)

    • Luke centers more on prayer than the other Gospels.

    • Luke gives special emphasis to the poor.

Finally, more than half the material found in the Gospel of Luke is not in any of the other three accounts, including 9 miracles, 13 parables, and a variety of messages and events.


God’s Message...

l.      Read Luke 1:1-4. Who wrote this book of the Bible, and what was his purpose in   

          writing this gospel?

2       Read Luke 1:5-25 concerning the first of two earth-shattering announcements.

    Who was the subject of the first announcement?


    Who appeared to Elizabeth and Zacharias, and what was the announcement?


    How did Zacharias respond, and what was the result?

    Describe the ministry John would have (see also Luke 7:28).


3.   Read Luke 1:26-38 concerning the second of two earth-shattering announcements. Who was the subject of the second announcement?


    Note what you learn about Mary.


    How did Mary respond, and what was the result?


    What was prophesied to be the sign of the Savior’s coming into the world in Isaiah 7:14?


    What title was to be given to Jesus according to Luke 1:35?


4.   Read Luke 1:39-56 and enjoy observing the sweet fellowship between two godly women. In a few words, describe their meeting.


    What do you learn about Elizabeth in verse 36?


    What do you learn about Mary in the following verses?

Verse 42—


Verse 47—


Verse 48—


Verses 46-55—

5.      Read Luke 1:57-80 and briefly describe the events surrounding John’s birth.


    When was Zacharias’s mouth opened (see also Luke 1:20)?


    What did Zacharias prophesy about yet-to-be-born Jesus (verses 68-75)?


    What did Zacharias prophesy about John (verses 76-79)?


…and Your Heart’s Response

1.   Think again about Luke 1. Note below the responses of each of the individuals in the story. Then share how each reaction instructs your heart.

    Luke in verse 3—

    Zacharias in verse 18—

    Mary in verse 38—

    Elizabeth in verse 42—

    Mary in verses 46-55—

    Zacharias in verses 67-79—


2.   What is at least one truth or response you need to take away from Luke 1? Write it here, and record it on the chart in Lesson 25.

Living with Passion and Purpose

Passion is defined as “a strong feeling” and also as “an object of affection or enthusiasm.” As God sets the stage for the arrival and appearance of His only begotten Son, we witness great passion in those who were involved in some way. Don’t you think the same should be true of your feelings and affection and enthusiasm toward Jesus, your Savior, the Son of Man?

I love the words Mary used in her outpouring of worship for God concerning His Son. She marveled that “He who is mighty has done great things for me” (Luke 1:49). She let her passion be known. So did her cousin Elizabeth. And so did Zacharias… when his mouth was at last opened and his tongue loosed. The Bible says, “He spoke, praising God”!

Are you living out your passion for Jesus? And are you verbalizing that, helping to set the stage for Christ to dwell in the hearts of those who hear of Him from you? Or, put another way, are you living with passion? Are you walking the walk and talking the talk? Who can you share your passion for Jesus with today?