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Trade Paperback
248 pages
Feb 2004
iUniverse, Inc.

With Joseph in the University of Adversity: The Mizraim Principles

by Jerry L. Parks

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Chapter 21

“Discerning God’s Mysterious Ways: The Principle of God Standing in the Shadows”

The steward said. “Everything’s in order. Don’t worry. Your God and the God of your father must have given you a bonus. I was paid in full.” (Genesis 43:23)

Principle Truth: God is never surprised, defeated, or limited in His ability to perform His will, though His ways often defy explanation.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes God works through circumstances. Often, He works through prayer. Most of the time, God works through our common sense to perform His will. God can and does use a variety of channels to perform His will.

There are times when we cannot be sure just how God is working. His ways seem mysterious, His will—hidden, His voice—silent. Sometimes it is through His silence that God performs His will (Revelation 8:1), and sometimes it is through His silence that God speaks most clearly.

The silence of God does not mean the absence of God, however. For example, God’s name never appears in the book of Esther, but His hand can be seen throughout the events that shape the story. While not mentioned, God quietly stands in the shadow keeping watch over His own.

The story is told of Queen Victoria and a mysterious train ride back to London many years ago. As the train’s engineer surveyed the tracks ahead in the gathering darkness, he was startled as the train’s large headlight revealed the mysterious shadow of a man franticly waving his arms. Without hesitation, the engineer brought the train to an emergency stop. To his startled surprise as he jumped from the engine cabin, the engineer saw no trace of the man who had appeared from nowhere to flag down the train. What he did find, however, was a tiny moth trapped against the train’s headlight. In desperately flapping its wings in trying to free itself, the tiny moth had cast a giant shadow, which the engineer had mistaken for a man. Not far up ahead, the engineer noticed something else. Just around the next bend, the tracks were blocked by fallen debris. Had the train rounded the bend, it would have surely met disaster. Upon being informed of the incident, Queen Victoria stated that the mysterious occurrence of the moth in the train’s headlight was no coincidence. God surely had mysteriously dictated her protection from certain disaster. God—standing in the shadows, keeping watch over His own.