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320 pages
Aug 2004
Warner Faith

American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future

by Michael D. Evans

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In the Eye of the Prophetic Storm

You might be president one day. You will make mistakes, and God will forgive you. But God will never forgive you if you abandon the state of Israel. -- Rev. W. O. Vaught, Pastor
Immanuel Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas,
to parishioner and then-Governor William Clinton1

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
Galatians 6:8
Scripture used by President-elect William Clinton
for his oath of office, January 20, 1993


On April 30, 1789, George Washington placed his hand on a Masonic Bible, randomly opened to Genesis 49. This chapter is a prophecy of blessing from a dying man—Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel—to his twelve sons. The prophecy concerned both their futures and the coming Messiah: Verse 10 reads, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah . . . until Shiloh come.” With his hand on this portion of Scripture, Washington took the oath of office to become the first president of the American Republic.2 Each president since Washington has followed the same pattern, most of them choosing to open the Bible to a particular passage of Scripture as they swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. The choice of Scripture has often proved to be prophetic of a president’s term of office, and on occasion the chosen verses have uncannily reflected America’s role in the plan of Bible prophecy.

I find it intriguing, for example, that in January 1993, President Bill Clinton took his oath of office with a Bible opened to Galatians 6:8 (quoted above). No doubt the president-elect intended for his administration to be characterized by the latter half of that verse, but can any honest observer question the conclusion that the Clinton presidency came to be characterized by the former instead?

During his second term in office, Bill Clinton was impeached, yet not on charges stemming from the sleazy scandals that consumed the public’s attention. It wasn’t his affair with Monica Lewinsky or Gennifer Flowers, nor was it his sexual harassment of Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, or Juanita Broderick that brought the president of the United States before a congressional panel to face removal from office. No, Bill Clinton was impeached for placing his hand on the Bible, promising to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” and then lying to cover up his indiscretions. An American president had “sown to the flesh” and “reaped corruption”—with the entire world as witnesses. And the fact that the United States Senate could not muster the moral courage to convict a president in the face of obvious perjury shows the degree to which our national leadership has succumbed to the dangerous doctrine of moral relativism.

When I think of the significance of President Clinton’s choice of Galatians 6:8 for his first inauguration, I cannot help contrasting it to President Reagan’s first inauguration. On January 20, 1981, the warmest inaugural day on record—a crisp 55 degrees—he stepped to the podium to take the oath of office. As Chief Justice Warren Burger administered the oath, Ronald Reagan’s left hand rested on a Bible prophecy—a prophecy that would decide the fate of the nation of which he was taking leadership, as well as the fate of the world. (Mr. Reagan’s policies set the stage for the fall of the great “ism” of the twentieth century—communism.) That day the Bible was opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14, a prophecy given in the historic city of Jerusalem to King Solomon. God said to the king these words:

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

During the early years of the Reagan administration, I once had a meeting with a presidential aide who showed me around the Oval Office. There, I saw the family Bible that President Reagan had used at his inauguration. It was still opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14, and I saw that in the margin next to that verse his mother had written this note: “Son, this scripture is for the healing of the nations.” I was moved that the president had been influenced by this ancient prophecy, especially as I recalled the momentous events of that inaugural day in 1981. That was a presidential inauguration I will never forget.

I was at home watching the television coverage of the swearing-in ceremony and the commentary that followed when the networks cut away from Washington, D.C., to show scenes of the release of American hostages who had been held captive for 444 days by the revolutionary terrorist government in Iran. While watching these simultaneous events unfolding, suddenly I heard my phone ring. It was a call from Israel.

“Mike, are you watching TV?” said Reuben Hecht, senior adviser to Israel’s prime minister, Menachem Begin. “Harel’s prophecy is coming to pass before our eyes.”

Reuben Hecht and I had enjoyed dinner with Isser Harel (founder of Mossad, and head of Israeli intelligence from 1947 to 1963) at his home a few months earlier. Over dinner that night, I had asked Harel, “Who do you think will be America’s next president?”

Harel responded, “The word on the streets is that terrorists might have a say about that. They are going to attempt to influence your elections by releasing the hostages precisely when Reagan is sworn into office.”

Completely stunned, I responded, “What? Why?”

Harel said, “They want Carter out because of his passion to democratize Islam.” The former intelligence head was referring to President Jimmy Carter’s attempt to transform the shah’s regime in Iran. Those actions destabilized Iran, and opened the door for Ayatollah Khomeini, for the Camp David accords, and to Carter’s advice that Sadat give a speech in Egypt stating that religion and politics must be separate. This speech was heard by a blind cleric named al-Rahman, who issued the fatwa (decree) to assassinate Sadat; the same cleric was later indicted for his part in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Reuben Hecht, Isser Harel, and I had quite a dinner conversation that evening. We talked about America’s foreign policy and the tensions in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein’s power play in Iraq, and how Carter manipulated the overthrow of the Iranian shah through the American embassy—contrary to the advice of Israeli intelligence, which asserted that instead of improving the country, it would give impetus to Islamic fundamentalists and provoke the Soviets to invade Afghanistan.

“They want to kill Sadat,” Harel said. “Now they want to kill Carter’s chances of reelection. They feel that if the hostages are released early, it would put Carter back in office.”

Later on that same evening, I asked Harel another question: “Will terrorism ever come to America?”

“Will terrorism come to America?” he repeated my question back to me. “America has the power to fight terrorism, but not the will; the terrorists have the will, but not the power. But all of that could change in time. Oil buys more than tents. You in the West kill a fly and rejoice. In the Middle East, we kill one, and one hundred flies come to the funeral.

“Yes, I fear it will come in time.”

“Where will it come?” I asked him.

He thought for a moment. “New York is the symbol of your freedom and capitalism. It’s likely they will strike there first. At your tallest building, which is a symbol of your power.”

That conversation took place in October 1980. Little did I know that Harel’s predictions—the death of Sadat, the release of the hostages at the exact hour of President Reagan’s inauguration, and the terrorist strikes against the tallest building in New York—would come to pass within a dozen years. And less than a decade after that, the United States would plunge headfirst into an apocalyptic tornado on September 11, 2001.

Where Is America Found in Bible Prophecy?

Is America in prophecy? Yes, it is. As a Middle East analyst and minister who has worked closely with leaders in that region for decades, I tended to be skeptical of attempts to come up with schemes to plug America into prophetic interpretations. I have often referred to such teachers as “Pop Prophecy Peddlers.” But, after thousands of hours of research, I am totally convinced that America is found in prophecy, and I believe you will, too, after reading this book.

In a nutshell, here is how the United States fits into Bible prophecy. America has married two brothers, both descendants of ancient Abraham, who was told by God to get out of Ur of the Chaldees (modern-day Iraq).

    The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:1-3 NIV)

One of these marriages was based on America’s guilt over its appeasement policies, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. America has attempted to use a tiny democratic state in the midst of a sea of instability in the Middle East—Israel—to assist in deterring communism, fascism, and terrorism. The marriage to the other brother, Ishmael, was one of convenience. A mortal enemy of the younger brother, Ishmael brought a dowry of black gold (oil) to the marriage, and then used it to blackmail America.

The Middle East is home to two-thirds of the world’s global oil reserves. OPEC presently accounts for 40 percent of the world’s oil imports. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2030 that figure is expected to rise to 60 percent. By that time, the Middle East will supply 50 percent of U.S. oil imports, 50 percent of European imports, 80 percent of China’s imports, and 90 percent of Japan’s imports.

While Middle Eastern oil flows to the West, we ship arms in their direction. In fact, the Middle East region is currently America’s number one client in the world for weapons of war. The U.S. has sold Saudi Arabia alone more than $200 billion in weapons since the 1980s.

Even after September 11, petrodollars earned by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Libya have been used to sponsor terrorism, produce weapons of mass destruction, and finance a gospel of hatred that is brainwashing millions of Islamic youth. Yet America has been unwilling to admit that it is being blackmailed, let alone draw a line in the sand against it. Many Islamic regimes know that while they have the oil, as Ariel Sharon once said, “We have the matches.”3 It’s time for the U.S. to stand up to these bullies and quit capitulating to blackmail. Our future depends on it.

Presently, America’s other marriage partner, Isaac (Israel), has developed the fourth largest nuclear arsenal in the world, knowing Islamic fundamentalists are hell-bent on annihilating the people of Israel. They are determined that what happened in the Holocaust, while the world kept silent, will never happen again. Israel has opened nuclear silos during three Middle Eastern wars, and has targeted cities such as Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, and even some in the former Soviet Union.

While we know that Israel has had nuclear strike capabilities since at least the late 1960s, today Islamic nations are very close to having their finger poised over the red button as well. It appears that at least one of these nations may have suitcase nuclear bombs paid for by oil sales to America. In addition to this, the Washington Post reported the following on December 21, 2003:

    Documents provided by Iran to UN nuclear inspectors since early November have exposed the outlines of a vast, secret procurement network that successfully acquired thousands of sensitive parts and tools from numerous countries over a 17-year period . . . While American presidents since Ronald Reagan worried that Iran might seek nuclear weapons, U.S. and allied intelligence agencies were unable to halt Iran’s most significant nuclear acquisitions, or even to spot a major nuclear facility under construction until it was essentially completed . . . Iran’s pilot facility, which is now functional, and a much larger uranium-enrichment plant under construction next door are designed to produce enough fissile material to make at least two dozen nuclear bombs each year.

Through these two political—and spiritual—marriages, America has stepped into the center of the prophetic storm. America now finds herself trying to accommodate an ancient Jew-hating older brother (Ishmael) who has refused to make peace with the younger (Isaac). In order to live with both, America has appeased them with bombs and bribes—(more than $400 billion in military equipment and $100 billion in aid).

The Bitter Root of Bigotry

During the Persian Gulf War in 1991, I had lunch one afternoon with the governor of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed Khalid (commander in chief of the Saudi Royal Air Force and the Arab multinational forces). During the time he was head of the Syrian High Command and the Egyptian Third Army Commander, America paid Syria a billion dollars to support the Persian Gulf War—knowing Syria was a terrorist state. Syria went on to use that money to buy missiles from North Korea.

After we ate lunch, Khalid and I talked about Islamic fundamentalists and the threat they and their fanatical religion could be to the West. My words antagonized Khalid, and he said, “Listen, your country is a lot more dangerous than ours. You can walk our streets at two in the morning and nobody will bother you. You can’t do that in L.A., New York, Chicago, or most of the big U.S. cities.”

“You’re right,” I said. “But that’s because you cut off people’s hands and heads in public squares.”

“Well, it works. What do you do? Put color televisions in your prisons and serve them Christmas dinner? And besides, don’t insult our religion by exaggerating. Islam is a peaceful religion.”

“Are you telling me Islamic fundamentalists are peaceful?” I asked.

“No,” he said, “they’re not. But they represent no more than 10 percent of Islam.”

“Excuse me,” I retorted. “That really comforts me to know that only a hundred million or so people want to kill me in the name of their religion.”

I’ve heard the same argument about the impact of Islamic fundamentalism again and again. Liberal politicians and special-interest groups continue to propagate a myth that Islam is a peaceful religion. But think about this for a moment. Islam has around one billion adherents worldwide. The actual number is probably higher, but one billion is a nice, even number for the sake of argument. Now, even if 90 percent of the Islamic world is peaceful, as Prince Khalid assured me, it still places the planet at the brink of the greatest crisis of history. Even if 99.9 percent of the Islamic world is completely nonviolent, we are still in grave danger. If only one-tenth of 1 percent of all Muslims were radical Islamists, that is still a staggering number: It means that one million people are intent on killing us. It took only nineteen hijackers to wreak massive destruction on the United States on September 11. Each one of those men believed he was on a divine assignment from God.

The terrorists’ war against America and Israel is rooted in this radical religious doctrine called Islamic fundamentalism. This distorted Islamic belief is very difficult for Americans to comprehend, partly because our modern secular world is still getting past the long conflict between science and religion—which most assume was won long ago by science and secularism. Suddenly, a religious adversary is attacking mighty secular America. It’s no longer just the streets of Jerusalem that are threatened, but those of New York and Washington.

In April 2003, while the U.S. was in the midst of the Persian Gulf War, I wrote a book that ultimately became a New York Times best seller, Beyond Iraq: The Next Move. In the book, I stated my belief that weapons of mass destruction were in Syria. I also stated that, compliments of the Syrian government and the Iraqi embassy in Damascus, money and key Iraqi leaders were being moved through Syria. This, in my opinion, explains why President Bush had to move so quickly—Saddam Hussein was moving the WMDs and the funds to disseminate them out of Iraq.

There is no question in my mind that the U.S. must quickly close the borders of Syria to contain Saddam Hussein’s money and weapons of mass destruction. I believe America will ultimately have to go to war against Syria, a much more dangerous terrorist-harboring state than Iraq. Hopefully, that war can be fought through economic and diplomatic means without the shedding of American blood. If not, America will still have to shut down the engine of terror in Syria.

Numbers of Americans have died because Syria allowed Islamic martyrs to use their country as a pipeline from other Arab states into Iraq to attack the “infidels” (American soldiers). There is no doubt that Israel will have to go into Iran and take out their nuclear reactor, and do it quickly (in the same way they did in Iraq). America will likely encourage Israel to do so, and then deny any involvement, as they did in the 1980s.

America will have to allow Israel to fight their war against terrorism that has never been fought. Israel must root out the terrorist organizations in the territories, and they will have to do it themselves. The war on terrorism will never be won as long as the Palestinian territories remain the point of exportation for suicide bombers. The dissemination of media propaganda that enrages the masses in the Palestinian territories must also be stopped.

True hope for peace lies in discerning the truth and acting on it, not in believing myths propagated by liberal power brokers and in ignoring bigotry. Yet too many people in America view the real enemy as the “narrow-minded, right-wing, Bible-thumping Christians” who believe in black and white, right and wrong. The same people who see conservative Christians as the enemy often legitimize the acts of cold-blooded murderers as steps to obtain freedom and peace. These apostles of appeasement have raised the hopes of the Islamic fanatics so high that the national security of America is now at stake. Equally as important, our very freedoms are at stake. We can echo the prayer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Death, throw off our grievous chains and demolish the thick walls of our mortal body and our blinded souls, so that at last we may behold what we have failed to see in this place. Freedom, long we have sought you through discipline, through action and through suffering. Now that we are dying we see you there in the face of God.”4

Why do they hate us? Everyone wants to know the answer to that question. Here’s the answer: Simply because they hate us!

The more important question is this: What is fueling that hatred, and how can the engine of hate be derailed? If you don’t think bigotry is at the root of it all, you’re dead wrong. It is no coincidence that the World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa, turned into a “World Conference on Jew-Hatred,” and ended three days before September 11, 2001. Is there zero correlation between the U.S. and Israel walking out of the conference, and September 11?

Many believe that the current Palestinian crisis has much to do with the issue of “Jew-hatred.” They are right, it does. The entire Palestinian crisis comes down to two things: refugees and terrorism.

Is there a refugee crisis anywhere on earth that has drawn the world into such a mess? The answer is, clearly, “No.” Civilized countries solve refugee crises on their own. The truth is that the Arab world has fueled and fed the Palestinian refugee crisis, using it to exploit Jew-hatred. Their attitude is: “Blame the Jews for all the problems, just as Hitler did, and we will not be shot for our brutality.” Since their “thugocracies” are run by the bullet, and not the ballot, someone needs to bear the blame . . . why not the Jews and the “crusaders.” State-controlled media that brainwash the masses are the root of the problem.

America has done nothing to address this danger. It must be stopped. The U.S. must use every means possible to shut down the “Baghdad Bobs” who are recruiting children to kill in the name of Allah.

How did Israel solve its refugee crisis in Europe at the end of the Holocaust? How did they solve the crisis in Arab countries where Jewish citizens were being killed simply because they were Jews? They took care of their own.

Why did the Arab League tell the Arabs to leave Palestine and fight Israel, then turn their backs on the very refugees they created? Why did they make up the myth that Israeli Arabs must have a state inside Israel, even though they never had such a thing in three thousand years of history? Or that an Egyptian-born billionaire terrorist by the name of Yasser Arafat is their “George Washington”?

I believe there is a direct correlation between current events and prophecy. I am firmly convinced that President Jimmy Carter unlocked Pandora’s box in the Middle East, and President Bill Clinton stepped into the maelstrom that was unleashed. I also contend that America has made a conscious decision to tolerate bigotry perpetrated in the name of Islam, a bigotry that is presently polluting and poisoning the peace of the world. The war on terrorism cannot be won without a war against racism and bigotry.

If America had maintained moral clarity, Iran might have continued to be a pro-Western country. Iraq might never have gone to war against Iran, a war that took the lives of 1.2 million Arabs. The U.S. certainly would not have assisted them in doing so. The U.S.S.R. might not have invaded Afghanistan, and America would not have armed and trained thousands of terrorists throughout the Middle East to fight the Soviets. These same American-trained and American-armed terrorists—Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda being the most infamous example—have now turned on America. The truth is, America might never have ended up in this mess if we had maintained our conservative policies of not negotiating with terrorists.

Has America Abandoned Israel?

At the beginning of this chapter I placed a quote from Rev. W. O. Vaught, who was Bill Clinton’s pastor while he was governor of Arkansas. Reverend Vaught, who made more than forty trips to Israel during his lifetime, told Clinton that God would forgive him for mistakes he made while in office. “But if you abandon Israel,” Vaught said, “God will never forgive you.”

That quote turned out to be as prophetic as Galatians 6:8 for the Clinton presidency. Barely a month into his first term, President Clinton received a wake-up call from bin Laden’s organization: the February 26, 1993, truck bombing of the World Trade Center. While this first WTC attack went relatively unnoticed, in it were seeds of the eventual September 11 attacks, and not only in the fact of its New York City location. The actual aim of the bombing was to topple the towers and kill as many as 250,000 people.5 If they had succeeded in even 1 percent of this instead of killing only seven people, we would be remembering February 26, 1993, not September 11, 2001. Instead, because our president at the time was more occupied in implementing his economic program than keeping America safe, no one else paid much attention to the bombing either. In his regular radio address the day after the bombing, President Clinton mentioned the “tragedy” (he never once used the word “bomb” or “terrorist” in the address) and never brought up the incident in public again. Nor did he ever visit the site of the blast. As the author of Losing bin Laden, Richard Miniter, said about Clinton’s inability to deal with bin Laden throughout his presidency:

    In 1993, bin Laden was a small-time funder of militant Muslim terrorists in Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. By the end of 2000, Clinton’s last year in office, bin Laden’s network was operating in more than fifty-five countries and already responsible for the deaths of thousands [including fifty-five Americans].6

Clinton was tested by historic, global conflict, the first phase of America’s war on terror. He was president when bin Laden declared war on America. He had many chances to defeat bin Laden; he simply did not take them. If, in the wake of the 1998 embassy bombings, Clinton had rallied the public and the Congress to fight bin Laden and smash terrorism, he might have been the Winston Churchill of his generation. But, instead, he chose the role of Neville Chamberlain (whose appeasements of Hitler in Munich in 1938 are credited with paving the way to the Nazi invasion of Poland that began World War II the next year).

In October 1993, the same year as the first World Trade Center attack, U.S. troops were sent on a humanitarian mission to Mogadishu, Somalia. I was there shortly after two Blackhawk helicopters were shot down and a roughly twenty-hour firefight ensued, in which nineteen American soldiers and more than a thousand Somalis were killed. Shortly after this, President Clinton made the decision to pull out of Somalia. Evidence was later found that the Somalis who shot down the helicopters had received training from bin Laden’s forces, which had become adept at bringing down advanced Soviet helicopters in their fighting in Afghanistan with rocket-propelled grenades. Bin Laden eventually admitted his involvement in Somalia in an interview on CNN. The terrorists considered it a glorious victory.

In September of that same year, I sat in the audience as President Clinton held a celebration on the White House lawn for what he called “a brave gamble for peace.” I watched as he forced—standing with his thumb in the Israeli prime minister’s back—Yitzhak Rabin to shake hands with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. They shook hands over a sheet of paper that represented the Declaration of Principles—or Oslo Accords—which led to Israeli concessions to the Palestinian Authority (the PLO, a terrorist organization), which would only be answered with more terrorist bombs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The paper lay on the same table over which President Jimmy Carter had presided as Menachim Begin and Anwar Sadat had signed the Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. President Clinton later described it as one of “the highest moments” of his presidency as the two “shook hands for the first time in front of a billion people on television. It was an unbelievable day.”7

It was indeed an “unbelievable day” and a defining moment for the forty-second president of the United States, but hardly in the terms that he described. The much vaunted “peace process,” the foreign policy focus of Bill Clinton’s presidency and the issue that was supposed to secure his historic legacy, has brought anything but peace to the Middle East. I believe that is because America has abandoned Israel at key moments. As Reverend Vaught said, God will not forgive that.

America is the mightiest nation on earth and has long been a partaker of God’s blessings. It’s time to ask ourselves, “Why?” America comprises only 7 percent of the world’s population and is in possession of more than half the world’s wealth. America has 63 percent of the world’s manufacturing goods, 74 percent of the world’s automobiles, 52 percent of the world’s trucks, 56 percent of the world’s telephones, 47 percent of the world’s radios, 46 percent of the world’s electrical output, 52 percent of the world’s steel, 35 percent of the world’s petroleum, and consumes 35 percent of the world’s energy.

Yet, during the past few decades, America has seen her “culture polluted, God dethroned, and her heroes defiled.”8 Bible-believing Americans have been demonized as bigots and extremists. God has been taken out of schools, courts, and town squares, and even our Pledge of Allegiance—“one nation, under God”—has been challenged. The same moral compromise that has infected our domestic policy has also infected our foreign policy. In the 1990s, terrorists could clear customs and set up shop inside our borders.

There is absolutely no question that God’s hedge of protection was lifted from America. September 11 was a curse on our beloved nation, but worse is the fact that most Americans don’t understand why it happened. I believe it will happen again, and again and again, and much worse, if Americans do not wake up to the truth.

I am on a quest for the truth, and I trust you will join me as I attempt to stare into the depths of God’s eternal Word and search for His purpose and plan in the midst of all the chaos on the planet.

America Needs Marriage Counseling

Today, America’s secular political engine is on a collision course with prophecy. Many believe that there is nothing we can do about it. If it is foretold, then it must just come to pass. However, if that is our attitude, then we are missing the true point of prophecy. The Bible doesn’t tell us what the future holds so that we can sit back and let disaster strike; but rather so that we can prepare, and take any necessary actions to make sure we are on the prophetic side of blessing, and not cursing. It is up to God-fearing Americans who are willing to step out and make a difference to keep our country headed in the right direction, whether that be in our domestic policy or our foreign policy. This is why I have always done whatever I could to see that our government acts with moral clarity, whatever the issue.

This is also why, in 1981, I was willing to use what I knew about the Middle East to help President Reagan’s staff act with moral clarity concerning the issue of that region. In that role, I was asked to attend a high-level briefing with U.S. generals and admirals over the sale of AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia. I challenged the White House staff over the decision, stating that those planes could eventually end up in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists and pose a major threat to America’s and Israel’s security. My arguments were mostly pragmatic, but I had so much intelligence information that they let me speak. When I inserted a Scripture into my short speech, I was flagged with this question: “What does God know about foreign policy?”

I replied to the question, “He is foreign policy!”

Do we truly think we can push our government forward without His guidance? Our forefathers certainly didn’t! I don’t think we should either!

Several months later, a small U.S. delegation and I were invited to have lunch with the president and his cabinet. Chuck Colson sat next to me. It was his first time back in the White House since the Nixon days. I said to Mr. Colson, “I imagine you’re thinking all about the White House strategy that’s going on in this room.” He smiled and said, “Not at all, Mike. I’m thinking about one thing . . . eternity!”

His statement really struck me. Sooner or later everyone on the planet—rich and poor; skeptic and religious; presidents and paupers—will all be thinking about only one thing . . . eternity. Can we really think that we can plan the future of our nation—of our world—without considering it as well? While democracy may have been invented in Greece, it was not until Bible-quoting, God-fearing people joined together to form a United States of America that it rose to the ideal we know today. Our system may not be perfect, but it is the best our world has seen yet, and that is because it was a system defined by moral clarity and based on the principles of the Bible.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”9 America stepped into the twenty-first century with a terminal case of both.

America is in this position primarily because we are the only nation today in alliance with both the historical brothers of prophecy— Ishmael and Isaac. The Bible begins and ends with the struggle between these two sons of Abraham. Today, their descendants are still in a Cain-and-Abel struggle for dominion, and America has stepped right into the middle of it.

The ancient Scriptures of the Bible have a great deal to say about the two spirits behind these brothers who are fighting it out through the nations of the earth. Ishmael was not the son of promise, but the son of a man trying to work the will of God in his own way. God had promised Abraham a son, but his wife, Sarah, was barren. At her request, Abraham took Hagar, her maidservant, and impregnated her. The result was the son Ishmael. Though a man of faith, Abraham acted in his own wisdom and lust, not God’s direction—he justified a foolish action through moral relativism, tradition, and human reasoning, trying to get God’s blessing on his own terms. It was not until some years later when the son of promise, Isaac, was born that Abraham fully realized the gravity of his mistake. Rejecting the “son of human reasoning,” God blessed and cut covenant with the “son of faith.” Ishmael went on to be the father of the Arab race, and Isaac a patriarch of the Hebrews. However, the battle continues, for the Qur’an teaches that Ishmael, not Isaac, was Abraham’s son of promise, and that he inherited the land and the title deed to Jerusalem.

Today, America is caught in the same battle. Some want to try to “do good” without God, making our halls of government secular, amoral, and irreligious. Instead, we are making them immoral and blind. Instead of looking to God for blessings and prosperity, we are looking to our own reasoning and logic. For this reason, we are willing to trade almost anything to get the black gold—oil—that keeps our economy lubricated and running smoothly. Moral Americans are called bigots; yet, on the other hand, real bigotry is overlooked in other areas to keep America’s economy “flowing with blessings.”

America knows that Ishmael, the older brother in this struggle, believes the lies Hitler used to twist the minds of the Germans: that the Jews are the reason for the ills of the world and of the Arabs in particular, and if they are simply gotten rid of, the whole world will sleep easier. Yet, America does nothing to counteract this vile doctrine. Instead, we reward those who preach the same things by calling them “diplomats”—terrorist organizations such as the PLO and terrorist states such as Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia—and through “negotiations” force the other brother, Isaac, to make more concessions to an implacably angry Ishmael. However, Ishmael will never be appeased with a Palestinian state; that is only a hoped-for first step. While al Qaeda may wave the Palestinian flag as they cry, “Death to Americans,” we cannot believe that they will suddenly start to love us if Palestine becomes a state, any more than Hitler allied with the rest of Europe when Chamberlain and others allowed him to annex the Sudetenland.

Dr. Yossef Bodansky and I spent considerable time in Jerusalem discussing this matter. In his book The High Cost of Peace, he states that the Palestinians’ “step-by-step” plans to retake Palestine actually came from the experience of the Vietnamese in dealing with the U.S.:

    Abu-Iyad detailed how he brought up the question of why the Palestinian armed struggle was considered terrorism whereas the Vietnamese struggle was lauded and supported throughout the West. His host attributed this phenomenon to the different ways the two liberation movements had packaged their goals. The Vietnamese team agreed to sit with the PLO delegation and help them develop a program that would appear flexible and moderate, especially in dealing with the United States, the Vietnamese explained, one must “sacrifice the unimportant if only in order to preserve the essential.”10

They emphasized that the PLO must remain committed to its ultimate objective—namely, “the establishment of a unified democratic state in the entire Palestine”—in the near term, it would be politically advantageous to accept transient phases and even interim solutions. The Vietnamese suggested accepting “the division of the land between two independent states,” without making it clear that this was only an interim phase.

The Hanoi team also introduced the Palestinians to such issues as dealing with the U.S. media and with liberal political circles and institutions, and they provided insight on the power of the Jewish community. Disinformation and psychological warfare experts assisted the Palestinians in formulating a “moderate political program accepting the establishment of a small Palestine” in the territories. The result was the “Phase Plan” adopted as the resolution of the twelfth Palestinian National Council in Cairo on June 19, 1974.

We can never win the war on terrorism by appeasing terrorists on one hand and trying to root them out with the other. This is a sure guarantee for another September 11—or worse. We will never be able to turn this tide without getting to the root of the terrorists’ hatred for Israel and for us, and exposing it at its source.

Why must the teaching of jihad be outlawed in America? Islamic fundamentalists use religion to recruit shahids—martyrs who are willing to kill themselves for the “cause.” When Yasser Arafat delivers his speeches calling for one million shahids to liberate Jerusalem, he is not simply humoring the crowds. Jerusalem has experienced more terrorist attacks than any city in the world. When Islamic fundamentalist clerics call for shahids in the mosques, it is not just religious jargon. Islamic fundamentalism is a religion that kills.

It’s not only critical that we understand why these people hate us, it is absolutely vital that we understand why they act on that hatred. The shahids believe they are performing a holy ritual for Allah. From childhood, Muslims are taught that to be a shahid, one must be chosen by Allah. It is the greatest honor in life. Shahids are taught that a martyr does not have a funeral, but rather a wedding. This is the reason families do not hold funerals when a child commits an act of martyrdom. Instead, a wedding celebration is held.

The prospective shahid is told that when the holy and religious act is performed:

    •  He will feel no pain or fear. In essence, the sting of death is removed.

    •  He will not die. All souls go into the ground awaiting resurrection except the souls of the shahid. They go directly to paradise; his own personal and immediate resurrection.

    •  He will be honored when he arrives in paradise with a crown of glory that has a jewel of the wealth of the world set in the center of it. (In Christianity, the crown is placed on the head of Jesus, and the saints lay their crowns at His feet.)

    •  He will attend his own wedding with seventy-two black-eyed virgins. The word “black-eyed” does not denote eye color; it denotes that they are incorruptible—an interesting word. (It is the same word in the Scripture used by Bill Clinton when he was sworn into office.) This belief is so strong that before the act of martyrdom, the shahid shaves all pubic hair and tapes his private parts. This is symbolic of what is to come.

    •  He will pave the way for seventy relatives to go to paradise and be exempt from the horrors of hell. In essence, the blood of the shahid atones for sin. It certainly would make for a horrible childhood to have all of your relatives lobbying for a spot on your “paradise list.”

The insane aspect of this is that this diabolical battle for the minds of the children begins in kindergarten. Cartoon characters similar to our Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck are used with a message incorporated to seduce and recruit these small children as shahids. Kindergarten camps are used to teach the principles of jihad. Bridges, roads, parks, and buildings are named after the martyrs, and posters of their photos are everywhere. (Thousands upon thousands of children were used to clear the minefields during the Iran-Iraq war. “Keys to heaven” were placed around their necks and a martyr’s badge was pinned to their clothing.)

The war on terrorism that we have today is fueled by Stone Age hatred—the same hatred Cain had for Abel, Ishmael had for Isaac, and Satan had for Jesus. Terrorists wage a spiritual war of fear and bigotry beyond what we understand—such a war cannot be won with tactical weaponry alone.

The holy grail of understanding is this: Islamic fundamentalists are the reason for September 11 and the terrorism war that America is fighting. Their ideology is as lethal as fascism or Nazism. As long as godless liberals attempt to dumb-down God-fearing Americans with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on bigotry, the war on terrorism will not only survive, but thrive. In order to win this war, America must speak out on bigotry the same way Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. did.

I’ve already stated my thesis that America has married these two brothers; Ishmael (the Arab nations) out of convenience and Isaac (Israel) out of guilt. America knows that the older brother, Ishmael, believes the lies Hitler used to twist the Germans’ minds against the Jews. Yet America does nothing to counteract this vile doctrine. Instead, in order to appease one ally, our other ally—the only true pro-Western democracy in the Middle East—was denied a place in the coalition forces during two wars in Iraq. Instead, America aligned itself with Islamic terrorist-funding regimes. And America is arming Islamic terrorist- harboring states whose citizens have been baptized in bigotry. This is a sure guarantee for another September 11—or worse. Bigotry is an equal opportunity employer; bigots will kill Christians with the same justifications they use to kill Jews. Someone needs to scream out, “It’s about racism, stupid.”

The war on terrorism we are waging today is part of the struggle between these two brothers. Terrorists wage a spiritual war of fear and hatred—such a war cannot be won with tactical weaponry alone. There has never been a more urgent time for Americans to act with moral clarity than today, yet there has also never been a time in which we have seemed more duplicitous. The future of our nation, as well as our world, hangs in the balance between our action and our apathy.

The Final Battle

Though William Butler Yeats was not a Christian prophet, his poem, which I placed at the front of this book, expresses the tensions of our times. We have rejected the foundation of our culture that has traditionally held us together—God and the Holy Scriptures—and as our culture drifts away from that center, we—the falcon—no longer hear His voice. As a nation our innocence is being drowned. Things are falling apart. In our halls of justice, in our pulpits, and in the political arenas, those who would speak for God not only lack the conviction to be effective, they are being systematically silenced because of a perverted interpretation of “separation of church and state.” First Amendment rights are denied to those who would speak for God, while those who fight for self, special interest, and immorality are passionately intense as the Spiritus Mundi—the “spirit of the world”—takes over. Since Yeats wrote this poem, in fact, we have witnessed this spirit’s being more active in our world than ever before through the “isms” of fascism, Nazism, communism, and terrorism—the greatest threats to human liberty we have ever faced.

The final battle in prophecy will take place in Israel. It is a battle line drawn through the heart of the city of Jerusalem, whose disposition has repeatedly thwarted peace efforts in the Middle East. Palestinians have been offered their own state time and again—first in 1947 by the United Nations, then in 1991 at the Madrid Conference after the Gulf War, then at the Wye River talks, and then again in a desperate President Bill Clinton’s final days in office. But the major stumbling block on the way to peace has always been the control of East Jerusalem, the historic City of David where the Temple Mount rests—the very spot where heaven and earth met, and will meet again, and where the most dangerous prophecies concerning the nations of the world are written in the stones. It all begins with, “But now I have chosen Jerusalem for my Name to be there, and I have chosen David to rule my people Israel.”11

As the twenty-first century has dawned, no nation stands as prominently between these two brothers, Isaac and Ishmael, as the United States of America. Since Israel’s declaration of statehood on May 14, 1948, when the U.S. was the first nation to recognize its existence, to Israel’s defense in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and the defense aid we have given ever since, no nation has stood by Israel as we have. On the other hand, since 1945, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt met with Hitler-supporting King ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia and promised that no U.S. decision regarding the Middle East would be made without first consulting the Arabs, neither has any nation been more closely linked to the Muslim nations in that region. I wonder if his death within weeks of making this decision was simply a coincidence.

Our influence on both sides goes much farther back. What these relationships have done is to make the United States the only nation that is the honest/dishonest broker trusted by both Ishmael and Isaac to barter peace between them. And this has placed America squarely in the eye of the storm of biblical prophecy.

America is thus caught in a tug-of-war between these two brothers—between oil, political expedience, and conscience in many ways—and it is our decisions and policies concerning these two brothers that will determine whether the United States will survive or go the way of the Roman Empire. Only the “People of the Book”—and I mean the Bible, not the Qur’an—can tip the scales in the right direction.

However, America remains complacent about such issues, even though we have already had many warnings. In the last century, we have seen three dress rehearsals for Armageddon: World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. For several decades we fought the “isms” of fascism, Nazism, and communism, and now we are the fighting the “ism” of terrorism. The issues surrounding it are rapidly delineating the sides in this battle, just as these earlier “isms” delineated the sides of World War II and the Cold War. Yet we have totally missed the fact that the spirit that drove Hitler and Stalin is the same spirit that is driving terrorism today—although you won’t hear anyone else talking about it. It is the spirit of hatred, which always begins in the same way: It first starts by hating Jews (anti-Semitism) and then moves on to hating Christians.

Today, we see the same hatred in the extreme Islamic fundamentalists who carry out horrific acts of terror. In fact, if you read some of the Islamic papers today, they are eerily reminiscent of newspapers from the early years of Nazi Germany. Hitler’s gospel is back. It started with killing Jews, and spread to the killing of Christians (between the Nazis and the Soviets, roughly six million Christians were martyred during World War II, though not in death camps as the Jews were murdered).12

America can ill afford to continue to ignore the first sign that another world war could soon be upon us: the increase of rabid anti- Semitism in the Arab world that is now returning to Europe. Do you believe there is no way America can be destroyed by terrorists because it is too mighty a nation? Then let me ask you a simple question: If America were to experience the equivalent number of suicide attacks in our malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and even churches and synagogues that Israel experiences per capita—and that would mean hundreds of attacks a week in our nation—would it not be better to declare all-out war on bigotry now, before bigotry declares all-out war on our cities?

The Arab leaders are at the tip of a pyramid whose base rests on the bloodlust of millions of fanatics, sympathizers, and potential terrorists who lionize the bin Ladens of the world. As Yale professor David Gelernter wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

    Terrorists evidently control large segments of Arab opinion the way the Nazis once controlled Germany—by swagger and lies, by dispensing a dangerous hallucinogenic ideology for the masses, and by murdering opponents.13

Why is the U.S. turning a blind eye to, and even funding, anti- Semitic, terrorist-harboring regimes? Have we learned nothing from September 11? Have we forgotten the mobs screaming “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”? The goal of an Arab conquest of Israel is another Holocaust. As for America, Islamic extremists hate everything about us; but their greatest hatred is our Christian majority and biblical principles by which we live our lives—our emancipation of women, our freedom, our wealth, our power, and our culture. They want to kill Americans because of all we represent in their oppressed and twisted minds.

Questions for America

While researching this book in both America and the Middle East, I experienced some eye-opening revelations about America’s role in prophecy—past, present, and future. Below are some of the questions I have had answered while researching and writing this book:

    •  Why does America continue to feed and fuel Islamic regimes that are more racist than the KKK and whose population is taught terrorist-breeding ideologies?

    •  Why is America afraid to arrest a terrorist-murderer who has killed dozens of Americans, including American diplomats, a terrorist who keeps on his desk one of Hitler’s best-loved books, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and quotes from it with pride?

    •  Why has America not allowed Israel to fight a real war against terrorism, such as we have done in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    •  Why did the State Department keep FBI agents from arresting three terrorists who were part of a Saudi entourage on its way to meet with President Bush in Crawford, Texas, seven and a half months after the attacks of September 11?

    •  Why did both President Clinton and President Bush disregard a report from the United States Commission on National Security that stated: “Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers,” which they both received well in advance of the September 11 attacks?

    •  Why is no one talking about the missing suitcase nuclear bombs from the former U.S.S.R., or the weapons of mass destruction Saddam moved out of Iraq through Syria before Operation Iraqi Freedom? Who has them, and what are they planning to do with them?

    •  Why did the nations of the world call for a 2001 conference on racism and work themselves into a rage against the Jews? Why was America attacked just seven days after the United States and Israel walked out of this conference in protest?

    •  Why is Hitler’s Mein Kampf a best-selling book throughout the Muslim world more than fifty years after Hitler’s death? And why is it used as a textbook in Muslim schools in the Middle East?

    •  Why did Hitler want the Jews out of Germany, and why did America do everything in its power to keep them there until six million perished?

    •  Why did the rest of the world also close their doors to the Jews when they most needed help on the eve of the Holocaust?

    •  Why did Franklin Delano Roosevelt refuse to recognize what was happening in the death camps until it was too late? Why, even after he had publicly condemned these mass executions, did Roosevelt refuse to bomb the gas chambers in Auschwitz, when Allied planes were flying routine missions near them nearly every day in the last months of the war?

    •  Why did a pair of brothers who aided the Nazis through the end of World War II later become secretary of state and director of the CIA under President Eisenhower?

    •  Why did a terrorist kill a presidential candidate two weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., on the anniversary of the Six-Day War? Why did another terrorist take two American diplomats hostage, and eventually kill them, because a U.S. president would not release that assassin? Why, instead of being arrested, was that second terrorist later elevated to diplomatic status, invited repeatedly to the White House, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

    •  Why did we fund, arm, and train terrorists who shot down our own helicopters in Mogadishu?

    •  Why is America promising a terrorist regime half of Jerusalem, when prophecy pronounces a curse on those who divide this city?

    •  Why is America spending billions of dollars to rebuild ancient Babylon, when 62 percent of the population are Shi’ites who would guarantee another Iran in time? The scriptures pronounce an end-time curse upon ancient Babylon more than upon any country in the world. Is America blessing what God has cursed?

Our nation’s fate will be determined in a final test. Will America’s first war of the twenty-first century, the conflict in Iraq, continue until it terminates in the most climactic prophetic event in history? This brings to mind an unnerving question: Will America choose God’s side of the prophetic battle, or will it fight God? If America chooses the latter, it will end up on the ash heap of history.

I believe that we can never win against such apocalyptic hatred without first dealing with, and changing for the better, four key issues:

    1. America is willfully ignoring the virus that is the growing plague of the Middle East—Jew-hatred (anti-Semitism such as the world saw in the 1930s)—coupled with Adolf Hitler’s teaching that the Jews rule the world (as evidenced by such things as the World Muslim Conference in Malaysia during October 2003). Because of this, America is pouring billions of dollars worth of war weaponry into Jew-hating Arab regimes that are using these Hitlerian myths about the Jews to recruit a new generation of suicide terrorists to strike their greatest enemies—Israel and the United States.

    2. September 11 would never have happened if America had fought the same bigotry in the 1990s rather than trying to appease it. Millions of Jews would be living today if anti-Semitism had not been ignored in the 1920s and 1930s. The Great Depression, as well as other American tragedies, happened because of America’s pride and challenge to God Almighty’s plan.

    3. The war on terrorism has been fueled by America’s support for Islamic terrorists in Israel. The Arab world also feeds it to save their “thug-ocracies.” They never wanted to take care of their own as the rest of the world has done concerning refugees. It has infected Osama and in fact the entire world (as evidenced by the 2001 Durban Anti-Racism Conference, which blamed all the world’s problems on Israel and no other nation). If that support continues, the war on terror cannot be won.

    4. America is under a biblical curse that can be reversed. Jerusalem is the final compromise. If America divides Jerusalem, there will be no forgiveness. America will tragically end up on the ash heap of history.

America has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The graveyard of history testifies that God rejects nations that reject Him and His Word. Is God getting ready to reject us once and for all? Or, will God-fearing Americans stand in the gap and turn America around by standing for, and speaking, the truth? The following words are etched into the wall in the main lobby of the original CIA headquarters building to characterize the intelligence mission of a free society: “And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free” (see John 8:32).

I now believe that we are very close to the coming of Christ, and that not only is America in prophecy, but the tragic events of September 11 are, as well. I believe that America was attacked because of its unholy covenant with the descendants of the oldest son of Abraham, Ishmael—the Arab nations, specifically the nations led by or heavily influenced by Islamic fundamentalist populations. These regimes are, in great numbers, intolerant, barbaric bigots still living in the Dark Ages, and they are completely dedicated to the destruction of Israel, America’s other covenant partner.

America’s fate will be determined in a final test. It is time to REPENT!

Everyone speaking on the subject of what we face today gives us the sense that events are accelerating toward some unknown outcome. “September 11 was a wake-up call from hell that has opened our eyes to the horrors that await us tomorrow if we fail to act today,” said Binyamin Netanyahu, then prime minister of Israel, speaking before the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee on September 20, 2001.14




Copyright © 2004 by Michael D. Evans