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192 pages
Aug 2010
Summerside Press

Wisdom Walks

by Dan Britton & Jimmy Page

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In Dan Britton and Jimmy Page's devotional book, Wisdom Walker, one is spiritually challenged to confront Jesus and discover the importance of often-forgotten life values. With a short story written for each lesson, followed by a related Scripture reading and discussion questions, Wisdom Walker truly becomes the ultimate Christian workbook. Addressing issues ranging from friendship to personal success, both Britton and Page test their readers to see more than a couple of "high-on-life" journal entries.

Wisdom Walker starts out with a three-page introduction stating the principles, beliefs, and purposes of the book and why it is well worth reading. The authors simply state that Wisdom Walker is not a formula, result, or moment; instead, it is a guide to a relationship with Jesus-a guide to how Christians should be living their life.

But are the readers of Wisdom Walker as indulged in the book as the writers? For me, the answer was both yes and no. When I first opened this text, I was surprised by just how much the first lessons tested the faith I had in both myself and God. The topics covered by both authors-receiving advice, making choices that will define you, and how to figure out what's truly in your heart-are those that always seem to be overlooked. As a reader, having to sit back and honestly wonder whether or not I've applied a single one of these values to my life was emotionally moving. In fact, there was a point when I could so deeply relate to the devotion titled "Walk With the Wise: Friends Will Either Make or Break You," a piece dedicated to explaining why friend choice is so important, that after I finished, I couldn't help but think of my closest friends and wonder if they considered me a friend worth having.

On the other hand, when I wasn't praising Britton and Page for helping me rediscover some of my lost values, I sometimes found myself disappointed by how clichéd every other lesson happened to be. Titles such as: "Live Every Day Like It's Your Last" and "Your Defining Moment" didn't have me nearly as convinced as I'd been earlier.

Normally, I would recommend a devotional book such as this to those who always take time out of their day to talk with God, but because Wisdom Walker is such an eye-opening experience, I highly recommend it to those who are struggling to find themselves spiritually. This book challenges its readers to live their lives fully through God, something that will bring them nothing but true joy. – Caitlin Vukorpa,

Book Jacket:

WisdomWalks is a field manual for walking purposefully with Jesus and living the life of meaning and significance you were created for. Forty WisdomWalks - featuring a key life principle, real-life story, questions for individuals or groups, action steps, and lots more, all based on the truths and wisdom of God's Word - provide an easy-to-follow, exciting roadmap. You can make a difference in the lives of others and do greater things than you've ever imagined.