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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jun 2009
Summerside Press

Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas

by Janice Hanna

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Janice Hanna’s Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas follows outspoken Belinda Bauer as she brings in women to match up with the men of Poetry, whether they want her help or not. As expected, her efforts don’t always end in marital bliss. Belinda soon finds herself in over her head – and then over her heels.

The quaint town of Poetry provides an excellent backdrop for this historical romance. The characters learn several worthy lessons as the plot progresses, and the dialogue is believable if not original. True to the town’s name, the poems interlaced throughout the story add richness and variety.

This novel echoes the wisdom found in Song of Solomon not to “awaken love until it so desires.” Belinda tends to act first and pray later, but she ultimately learns that God’s plans far exceed her own and that his timing is always perfect. Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas is a satisfying story for anyone looking for a lighthearted, wholesome romance. I would recommend this book for women of all ages who are looking for entertainment, if not mental stimulation. – Andrea Walker,

Book Jacket:

Belinda Bauer, in her ivory tower… In the quaint community of Poetry, Texas, Belinda spies an opportunity. The tiny town is filled with farmers and railroad men in need of wives, so she sets herself up at as a marriage broker. There’s only one problem: Belinda doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, and all the brides who come to Poetry marry the wrong men! One client, who has lost more than one prospective wife to Belinda’s fumbled attempts, is particularly unhappy. Is there a poetic ending in store for him—and for Belinda herself?