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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Nov 2010
WND Books

Signposts: A Devotional

by Eric Kampmann

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Eric Kampmann's collection of 365 original devotions is called Signposts because Kampmann is a naturalist. He loves to hike, take photos of nature, read passages of Scripture while relaxing outdoors, and make notes about the road maps and signposts that are around him. He sees signposts as a metaphor of how to travel safely through life.

Each devotion is a mere two or three paragraphs and begins with a quoted passage from the Bible. As Kampmann expounds on the symbolic, metaphoric, and literal meanings of the passage, he often will quote passages from the New Testament to show the continuity of time, family heritage, and fulfillment of prophecy. There is an index at the back of the book that catalogs all Old and New Testament references found in this collection, as well as a topical index and a selected bibliography of sources that are referred to in some of the devotions. Although the devotions are dated for each day of the calendar year, they do not have to be read in sequence, since the topics covered are diverse and universal and not limited to a time of year, except for a few holidays upon which the author focuses purposely.

These devotions are extremely short, making this the kind of devotional book that could function well for study time during lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or right before bedtime. Not all of the readings are theologically deep. Some are nothing more than Bible passages strung together with transition words. Others are insightful interpretations of Scripture as they related to modern circumstances and situations. The reading is not pontifical or highbrow in any way; instead, it is contemplative and exploratory. For those folks looking for a few signposts for navigating through life's trials, this little book can be a biblical GPS. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Throughout the journey of life, we all have moments of feeling lost. Experiences where we feel tested. It's at these times we need a "signpost" to point the way through the darkness and confusion to a clearer and better path.

Signposts, by Eric Kampmann, shares the insights and wisdom he discovered as he journeyed through the pages of the New and Old Testaments. Designed as a daily devotional, it is built page by page on the assumption that the meaning and purpose of our lives is available to be discovered if only we take the time and trouble to look. Prepare yourself for the journey and keep your eyes open to the signposts along the way. You too will discover that God is always near and available for those who seek him.