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Trade Paperback
54 pages
Jun 2010
Gold Pen Press

Where the Jewels Are

by Diana Symons

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One day a princess with very little appreciation of hardship sees a star. She definitely wants a jewel just like it! Her good father, the king, decides to help her learn a lesson by sending her on a quest for it, accompanied by a sweet, unassuming servant and playmate, Winifred. At first this quest is a happy romp. Soon it becomes a sore, tiresome plodding. Winifred, trained to care for the princess, takes the hardships upon herself. Through seeing how Winifred obligingly suffers in her place, the princess eventually learns some over-due lessons. Because the princess has discovered that these lessons are the true jewel, both girls turn happily for home without finding the star jewel. However, they have learned that adventuring can be fun as well as instructive, and think they will like to go again.

Where the Jewels Are is a brief but fun story for girls 7-12 years of age. This book aims to introduce girls to living as Jesus, their King, wants them to live. Thought-provoking questions and answers about the moral of this story conclude this book. Where the Jewels Are is one of the volumes in the series Tales from the Throne. There are 9 other slim volumes, all with lessons apropos to young girls embarking on the Christian adventure. Girls will enjoy reading this book: their elders will be happy they are reading it. This whole series of books makes good gifts, is useful for Bible classes for this age group, and finds a welcome place in home and church libraries. Being happy, easy books to read, they will also make good reading for invalids.

Another book, also reviewed in Christian Book Previews, which princesses will enjoy reading is Lady in Waiting for Little Girls by Jackie and Dede Kendall. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

How do you say No to a Princess who has everything? This Princess has a wise Father who sends her on a journey to find the one thing she doesn’t know she’s missing. Come to the Land of Wonderful and walk the halls of the Great Castle with the young Princess who comes to value friendship over material things. Though she’s off to find a beautiful jewel, it’s her trusted servant and friend who opens her heart to finding value in others.

,em>Where the Jewels Are is the first in the Tales from the Throne series and is excellent for 8-10 year old readers.