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188 pages
Jul 2008

The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family To Godís Destiny

by Ann Dunagan

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Ann Dunagan has written a much-needed handbook for families wanting to reach their generation for Christ in The Mission Minded Family: Releasing Your Family To Godís Destiny. As is stated in her forward: ďThe family is not an obstacle to ministry; it is a vehicle for has been made for the road, not the garage.Ē

As Dunagan reveals, the key to raising a generation of world-changers is to surrender our families and children in ways that might not be very comfortable for us. We need to wake up to the ministry opportunities that are in our own neighborhoods, towns, schools, and ultimately, the world. And we need to redirect our families from being "me"-focused to being focused on Godís agenda.

Chalked full of inspirational real life stories, ideas for becoming more ďmissions-minded,Ē and practical tips for traveling abroad as a family, this book is inspirational as well as practical. Interspersed throughout are stories and journal entries from Dunaganís own children as they traveled on their own missionary trips.

I found this book to be very thought-provoking and challenging, especially as I feel like God has been stretching our family to step out of our comfort zones more and reach the lost for Christ. In a nation where Christianity is more of a culture than a lifestyle, The Missions-Minded Family is an essential reminder of the mandate given us by Christ to go into all the world and preach the gospel. I would recommend this book to any family wanting to make missions a priority in their lives. -- Tracey Bonsell,

Book Jacket:

In a mission minded family, there's a God-infused energy. There's a focus on God's worldwide purpose and there's a passion for the lost. There's a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity. A mission-minded family emphasizes leadership, calling and destiny. There's a prevailing attitude of self-sacrifice and an emphasis on total submission to Gods will. There's an unmistakable and contagious joy.

Dunagan, who wrote The Mission Minded Child, brings the same perspective to what it means to be a mission minded family. This book includes suggested activities for families to participate in together as well as resources to help families develop the desire to be more missions focused. She discusses the need for families to balance and prioritize their everyday lives and delves into what a family's finances would look like if they were focused on missions. This practical book is the perfect companion to The Mission-Minded Child. Families who read and practice principles from this book will receive a rekindled closeness as they participate in ministry together.