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320 pages
Jul 2007
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The Essential Engstrom: Proven Principles of Leadership

by Ted Engstrom

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Ted W. Engstrom can help you be the leader you’ve always wanted to be through his book, The Essential Engstrom: Proven Principles of Leadership. In his book, the publisher has collected the key writings of the late Engstrom’s career, in which Engstrom addressed different situations of leadership that many of us find ourselves in. His main purpose for focusing on leadership was to help us understand biblical leadership and to incorporate it into our secular world.

The question of “What is leadership?” is asked and answered in Engstrom’s book. He also discusses the price of leadership and gives different points on how a leader is to get results. The book is divided into nine different parts, each discussing a type of leadership and answering questions along the way along with giving advice on how to succeed in that leadership style. Engstrom, president emeritus of World vision International, past president of Youth for Christ International, an influential American evangelical leader, preacher, astute manager, and author of more than 50 books, knew what he was talking about when discussing leadership.

There has always been a debate on what leadership is. I think that Engstrom sets us all straight when he says, “Well, what is leadership? Everyone knows what it is. Or do they? No one seems really to be sure. We are able to define what managers do, but the closest we seem able to come to a broadly acceptable definition of leadership is, it is what leaders do. Then when we try to define leaders, about all the agreement we get is that leaders lead.” (p. 7) He supports his theory with part two of the book, which discusses leadership and the Bible. He discusses the Old Testament, Christ in the Gospels, and the Epistles, all the while showing us how leadership ties in.

I thought this book was well written, but seemed intimidating. I thought it discussed leadership very well and in great detail, because it covered all areas from management to being at home with family to having integrity in leadership to generational leadership. I think this book presents a challenge to anyone who reads it to become a great leader in everything he or she does. I think that more men than women would prefer to read this book, especially those over 40. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a career headed toward leadership as well as to pastors and leaders of the church. Mindy T. Kreilein,

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Some people are leaders, while others are better off being followers. From the time we are children we are already looking for others to be leaders. Who doesn't like to be at the start of the line in the popular game "Follow the Leader?" Are leadership traits just inherited? Are some people just born leaders? Or, can true leadership traits be learned? If you are a leader who is looking for principles of leadership and possible ways you can become a better leader you need to check out The Essential Engstrom.