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Trade Paperback
306 pages
Oct 2005
Green Key Book

Mistaken Identity

by Josh McDowell & Ed Stewart

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Widowed Pastor Ezra of Chapel of the Valley must conquer a crumbling church building, difficult congregation members, and the oncoming mystery of what happened to Louise Wilkerson’s gift of $22,455.

Churches have problems no matter what size, denomination, or community of origin. Unless you’re a member of the magical church of no problems, you’ll relate to Josh McDowell and Ed Stewart’s Mistaken Identity. For Chapel of the Valley, surrounded by a small country community littered with farms and friendly faces, one of those problems arrives in the form of a young, handsome ruffian dressed in black with a Harley motorcycle and leather boots.

Then there’s the gun.

Characters are loveable and real in the beginning pages before the plot turns a bit stale. However, the realistic components of church dynamics as a whole are so familiar you’ll almost forget you’re reading fiction. The writing is simple and occasionally redundant. Leave behind all worries of having to fetch a dictionary every other paragraph before opening to the first page. McDowell and Stewart make a bad habit of telling readers what’s what through their words instead of showing them. More action and less explication would have added vitality to the writing and narrative drive of the story.

Chessy Carpenter is beautiful and a people person. I know this because they say so, not from anything they showed me. Evangelical value is lost by the writers, who possibly have been Christians for so long they have forgotten how nonbelievers function. People of differentiating opinion would not be interested in Mistaken Identity.

A blooming romance between bad boy Joe and sweet, endearing Chessy Carpenter is typical and predictable, but cute and entertaining. The building mystery is encouraging and carried me through the 306 pages. Characters eventually come alive once more, making for a decent finish. – Stephanie Simpson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When a crime is committed at the church, Joe Caruso becomes a likely suspect and his world is turned upside down. Determined more than ever to uncover the secret of his past, Joe discovers far more than he bargained for -- fueling a deep division between two families in the church.

In Mistaken Identity, Josh McDowell and Ed Stewart not only offer a captivating tale of action, intrigue, and romance, they show the enormous power of relationships in opening even the most resistant heart to the truth of God's redeeming love.