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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Oct 2005
Bronze Bow Publishing

Super Health: Seven Golden Keys to Lifelong Vitality

by K.C. Craichy

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This book has everything except perspective. Its information on diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and stress reduction is fantastic. Follow the advice here, and you may live to be 100. The problem is, you won't want to. By the time you give up most of your salt, chocolate, soft drinks, caffeine, and starch, you'll want to die. So, the first thing you need to know is that this book is overrunning with scare tactics.

My gosh, according to the author, you not only cannot drink tap water, you cannot drink bottled water--unless it actually comes in a glass bottle (otherwise you might get some contamination from the plastic). That is the level of extremism found throughout this book. You've heard lately on TV and radio the value of eating fish because it provides needed cholesterol inhibitors, but Craichy says that except for sardines we should eat no fish because our streams and oceans are polluted (and he is absolutely rabid about staying about from all shellfish, like lobster and shrimp and crab). Don't drink concentrated orange juice because it has as much sugar as Coca-Cola. Stay away from milk because pasteurization deletes all the B vitamins in it, and it causes allergies in children. Don't eat pork because one in six Americans has trichinosis from worms found in "the other white meat." On and on it rants. (Fortunately, he says we can eat eggs--but without salt!)

Where is all this leading? In the back of the book there are order forms so that you can send cash to the author and he will mail you his pills, "meal replacement" powders, and gel caps so that you can live on these food substitutes and be healthier. Ugh! Shoot me now.

Don't get me wrong, I feel the author is trying to provide valuable information. Also, I appreciated the parts of this book that offer very valid procedures for improving sleep, getting involved in exercise training, finding time for relaxation, and breaking bad health habits (such as smoking). I also appreciated the references to Scripture that appeared occasionally throughout the text. However, ultimately, the book serves as a commercial for the author's business in nutritional products. So, read the chapters selectively and try not to panic because you enjoy a doughnut once or twice a week. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

With an entrepreneurial background in health care, fitness, and nutrition, and as one who struggled with his weight in his youth, K.C. Craichy was well aware of people’s confusion and frustration to discover the “right way” to live a healthy life. Then, serious health challenges in his own family that could not be resolved through traditional medicine, but rather through his own research which resulted in changes in diet and lifestyle, strategic supplementation, and the power of prayer, led him to vow to help people find the answers. He became determined to discover a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to health that would help people of any age and any stage of health look, feel, and live better.

Super Health is the result: a complete manual for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal. Through 10 years of research and working with some of the top minds in nutrition and medicine, K.C. Craichy developed the Seven Golden Keys—foundational areas of good health—that include:

  1. Proper Hydration
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise
  4. Managing Stress
  5. Controlling and Eliminating Environmental Toxins
  6. Achieving Restorative Sleep
  7. Meditation and Prayer

This safe, simple, and complete lifestyle program enhances performance, promotes energy, nurtures overall health, and can be sustained over a lifetime. Readers will discover a wealth of no-nonsense information to supercharge the body, soul, and spirit!