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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Apr 2004
Ambassador International

Women of the Frontier

by Billy Kennedy

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A great deal of history has been dedicated to the early male heroes of the American frontier, and yet very little is known about the brave and resourceful women who supported them. Because the environment of the New World was largely dominated by men, most of our early accounts center upon the men whose efforts forged the path to freedom, and while these acts of bravery deserve acclaim, so, too, do the struggles endured by scores of capable women who engaged in lesser known acts of heroism.

Through extensive research, Billy Kennedy’s Women of the Frontier recounts the stories of one heroin after another, granting intimate insight into the bravery of these early American women who believed as fiercely as their male counterparts in the dream of freedom. Determined and dedicated, many of them stood watch alone over their lands and possessions, fending off aggressors and campaigning for liberty and patriotism. As such, these brave young women marked for themselves a place in history alongside the gallant men whose names and passions they shared.

Billy Kennedy has written several books focusing on the settlement of eighteenth century America, though he himself lives in Northern Ireland. He has been a journalist for more than thirty years.

The research that went into the writing of this book is extensive and insightful, but the book itself is not one that can be read for the sheer enjoyment of reading. There are flaws in style and paragraph construction, as well as typographical errors that should not have escaped the eye of the editorial staff. I recommend Women of the Frontier as an informative historical tool, but not as casual reading. -- Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This book details the day-to-day lives and the fascinating stories of some of the most famous of frontier women. It includes some of the greatest women from the Revolutionary War and the frontier era, including Rachel (Donelson) Jackson, Elizabeth Donelson, Molly Pitcher, Margaret Corbin, Jane McCrea, Nancy Ward, Nancy Hart, Betty Zane, Ann Bailey, and Betsy Ross. This book lauds the accomplishments, strength, and courage of American women throughout the centuries. Their sacrifices, dedication, and hard work were instrumental in the creation of the United States of America.