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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Aug 2003
Engage Publishing

The Third Funeral

by Kevin Bowen

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"In The Third Funeral, Wil and Hope Wilson return. They are now married and have a son, Steven. A car accident and a plane crash determine their fate for the next few months. A young girl is killed who is the daughter of a friend of theirs, and the plane crash involves some dirty dealing by a company called Freedom Airways. Their new CEO, Brad Stinson, is covering up a conspiracy, and Hope's journalistic appetite leads her into the heart of the demon. In the meantime, Wil is reuniting with his mother and coming to terms with the damage done to his faith by his abusive father, who used religion in a punishing manner. But when Steven is kidnapped by an old enemy, Brad the enemy turns into Brad the helper:

"'Ten years ago,' Brad began his story, 'before I became a successful businessman, I was married to a wonderful woman named Adriana. We had met two years previously and were married less than three months later. We had planned to wait before having children, but...well...things don't always work out the way they are supposed to...and Adriana got pregnant. Ten years ago, while we were shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York, we were attacked by three muggers. One of them was jerking Adriana's purse, which was wrapped around her arm. She was going to give it to them...Adriana slipped. She fell away from me and into the street precisely as a taxi was passing..."

"As in Wil's Bones, Kevin Bowen uses the author forum to examine religious beliefs and the afterlife in The Third Funeral. Although his beliefs are fairly clear, he manages to write a devastatingly great tale while keeping the various great religious questions we all have running in an interesting and informative undercurrent to the story. A compelling and thoughtful read." -- Shelley Glodowski, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


"Kevin Bowen cleverly reintroduces archeologist Dr. William "Wil" Wilson and his wife, Hope, a New York Times correspondent, from his first book, Wil's Bones. But, somehow knowing about Wil and his childhood, his discovery and his mistake in "Wil's bones," makes this second book even more shocking and even more troubling. These two books are different from any I have ever read. The Third Funeral has a likeness to the "Left Behind" series. Right from the first chapter, there is a plane crashing into an oil refinery, and Hope Wilson is an eye witness. Before the reader has taken a deep breath, there is a fierce cover-up by the airline, and Hope finds herself in the middle. The author cleverly stages two funerals that are very different, and the reaction of Wil and Hope begins the upward, downward spiral of  thinking about issues that no one wants to face -- death. Just as the story begins to level out, in pops an anonymous tip from someone at the funeral -- and, if you figure out who this person is within the story, then you are a good detective. I did not have a clue. One of the most powerful heart rendering endings is spelled out between Wil and Hope. What a challenge it is to the reader as the story shows Hope loving her husband so deeply that she can bear to think of them parting for eternity. What will Wil do? Honestly, I wanted to rewrite the ending, but the author finished the story in a most perfect way -- a way that can change a life." -- Velma Daniels, Reviewer, News Chief, Winter Haven, FL

Book Jacket:

Hope Wilson, New York Times correspondent, is thrown into the limelight after witnessing a catastrophic plane crash. He subsequent investigation collides with the airline's ruthless CEO. As Hope unravels a tapestry of cold-blooded deceptino, she unknowingly draws her family into a dangerous matrix of conspiracy, kidnapping, revenge, and murder.

Readers will fall prey to Bowen's masterful storytelling as he billiantly intertwines Hope's investigation, her husband's haunting past, and issues of death and reconciliation, in this non-stop, intriguing thriller.