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216 pages
Mar 2004
Ambassador Books

Survival Notes for Graduates: Inspiration for the Ultimate Journey

by Robert Stofel

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“Robert Stofel's Survival Notes for Graduates is exactly what it sounds like: tips for recent high school graduates on how to move ahead with their lives. Many students come out of high school on cloud nine, relieved to have the ordeal of studying over. Others feel terrorized by the prospects of now being a ‘legal adult’ at 18 and being faced with major life decisions. Regardless of which end of this spectrum a student is on, Stofel offers practical, insightful tips on how to get by--all backed by passages of Scripture and quotes from famous (and lesser known) people. The cartoon illustrations in the book are very funny.

“The genesis of Stofel's book was a journal exchange he did with his two daughters when they left for college. Stofel would write brief devotions and fatherly advice in response to letters and journal entries the girls would send him with their questions about finances, dating, homework, church life and career planning. This book organizes his responses into one day devotional entries that provide guidance for any person 16 years or older.

“This book is not heavy reading. The author doesn't lecture anyone or pile up tedious statistics or do any criticizing of youth. He simply takes Scripture and tries to use it as a way of giving young people solid tips on how to keep their heads above water while trying to figure out the whole, I've now 'graduated from high school and am looking at the college thing.'

“There is one drawback to the book. Since he originally wrote the sections to his daughters, some of the examples and ideas are targeted specifically at females. Most male readers won't relate to the talks about dieting, cosmetics, and developing relationships, but this is only part of the book. On the whole this book succeeds because the devotions are not too long and they deal with practical matters that teens face each day. The suggestions are simple, but wise and relevant. This would make a great high school graduation present (especially for girls) or a Christmas gift for someone in the freshman year of college.” -- Nathaniel Chen, Christian Book

"Rob Stofel’s SURVIVAL NOTES is essential reading for both students and parents. Written with a charming combination of warmth, love, humor and concern he delightfully offers guidance for the graduates’ most pressing challenges and concerns. If you want to improve the future of any student--give them a copy of this book." — Roy H. Clarke, editor of the updated editions of Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, Treasury of David, and Beside Still Waters

"I am always happy to recommend books that are particularly geared to helping young people. Robert Stofel has provided that in his writings. If you are a parent or a youth worker who is looking for advice, you won't be disappointed." -- Roger Cross, President of Youth for Christ

Book Jacket:

"How can we understand the road we travel? It is the Lord who directs our steps." -- Proverbs 20:24

Now that I have my diploma in hand, what's next? Will I fit in at college? What major should I choose? Will I like my roommate? Will I survive?

Survival Notes for Graduates are 100 true-life devotionals aimed at helping graduates as they begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives. These brief, yet insightful, notes help graduates avoid the potholes and pitfalls that line the road of life.

Filled with wisdom and humor, each not provides down-to-earth, easy-to-follow instructions that will help graduates discover God's guidance and cultivate it.

Survival Notes does not preach. It is informative, encouraging, and fun to read.