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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Jun 2005
WinePress Publishing

You Can Do It!: A Guide to Christian Self-Publishing

by Athena Dean

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A how-to guide for the serious Christian writer with publishing woes, You Can Do It! takes a deep look at the ins and outs, pros and cons of self-publishing and Christian writing. Has the Lord indeed given you a message to write, or is your production just self speaking loudly? Finding a publisher who will even open your manuscript proving an impossibility? These and many other questions are deeply explored.

You Can Do It! begins with a look at the possibilities of self-publishing, relating successes and disasters arising from self-publishing, and encouraging you to be sure of your heart’s motive in writing. An in-depth explanation of what self-publishing is includes a comprehensive look at terms from this industry, including the good and bad points of each type of company within the industry. Tips are given for budgeting and raising funds to meet the cost of your project, prepublication promotion, marketing, creating a demand for your book, and how to make your book available for wide sales. The Epilogue again turns to the writer's calling and motives.

Bearing in mind that You Can Do It! is written by the director of publishing for WinePress Publishing, a self-publishing company which helps with all facets of this venture and thus creates a definite bias, this book provides a great deal of information and facilitates authors towards independent thought and decision.

Athena Dean knows the problems and intricacies writers face from both sides: writer and publisher. Her candid and refreshing views on the problems within the Christian publishing business, combined with her years of experience helping authors to publish, are clearly and interestingly expressed. Anyone even considering writing a book will gain help, encouragement, and a push toward clear-thinking from You Can Do It!. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Join author, speaker, and publisher Athena Dean as she uncovers a wealth of exciting new possibilities for today's Christian author. This easy-to-read handbook is filled with valuable facts, insights, and helpful hints-everything you need to start exploring the world of self-publishing. Discover how to:

Get your God-given message into print

Recognize a high-quality finished product

Develop financing for your project

Budget your resources wisely

Plan realistic goals and timelines

Use new do-it-yourself helps

Get the most out of the media

Save enough money to produce your second edition