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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Feb 2005
Northfield Press

Walking With Arthur: Finding God On My Way To New York

by James O'Donnell

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With a troubled childhood behind him and an overweening urge to succeed driving him forward, James O’Donnell forged a seemingly successful marriage and career and enjoyed flaunting all the good things he’d planned for himself, only to find that it was all hay, straw and stubble. Then, along came Arthur: erudite, successful, and following his Lord no matter where He might lead. And where it led was to brash, spiritually-hungry-without-knowing-it James. Arthur talked, James listened, argued, got interested and strode forward into a new, vastly different life.

Professor, former business man, writer James O’Donnell’s motivational autobiography presents an intriguing, teaching portrait of a humble Christian mentor (Arthur) seeking to live out a purposeful life, a man who said ‘Jesus’ without even cursing. Breezy, straight-from-the-shoulder, O’Donnell relates his journey from a self-centered winner to a man who met God, found out He was love, and set out on a journey to become a more loving, forgiving human being. O’Donnell doesn’t wow with theology, or overwhelm with Christian language, but he does include Bible passages and Christian experience. The epilogue, ‘A Word From Arthur,’ provides just the right finish. A small book, easily read, Walking With Arthur entertains, encourages and challenges. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

James O’Donnell was contemplating divorce. Something was missing in his marriage and his life. His daily commute partner into New York City, Arthur, never preached to him or handed him a tract. They just walked … and God worked. Written in a frank and inviting style that will make you feel like you are taking a journey right alongside him, Jim draws readers in with his gritty and honest candor. A great prequel to Letters for Lizzie.