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Trade Paperback
284 pages
Dec 2003
Dunamis House

How to Dispose of Your Stuff: Heavenly Uses for Earthly Goods

by Bette Filley

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“In her appropriately titled book, How To Dispose of Your Stuff: Heavenly Uses for Earthly Goods, Bette Filley brings us into our closets, storage sheds, basements, garages and other ‘saving’ places, to give us a closer look at what we are saving and why we are saving it. With a reminder that ‘no U-Haul truck with all our worldly belongings will follow us to the great hereafter,’ the author presents the problem of ‘too much stuff’ in the light of what God says about our possessions and their eternal significance. In the pages that follow, Ms. Filley begins to sort through our ‘stuff’ while exploring the possibilities for their usefulness on earth.

“For all who have stood at the foot of a mountain of ‘stuff’ and contemplated climbing the piles of clutter, Ms. Filley has written her book as a source of encouragement and ideas. Not coincidentally, Ms. Filley is the author of two books about another kind of mountain, Mount Rainier, and believes that ‘the Lord has had (her) in training for nearly 70 years’ to write this book. Just as in mountain climbing, Ms. Filley takes us up the mountain of ‘stuff’ (that she aptly names ‘Mount Accumulation’), one step at a time, beginning with the first step by asking, ‘Whose stuff is it?’

“With this question in mind, Ms. Filley begins her ascent, leaving no storage container unopened and no closet untouched. With the goal of finding worthy and appreciative homes for hundreds of household treasures, honorable organizations (with complete address information) and other possible recipients are named for everything from audiotapes to yard tools. Perhaps one of my favorite sections of the book is when Ms. Filley leaves the mountain of ‘stuff’ to talk about ‘How To Prevent Reaccumulating,’ and gift ideas that are not ‘knickknacks, doodads, collectibles, and ‘isn’t that cutes.’’ Presenting a list of creative ideas, such as a gift certificate for a home-cooked meal or a what-you-mean-to-me letter, Ms. Filley presents a list of thoughtful ideas to show that you care, yet prevent more accumulation.

“The book also contains words of encouragement to sentimental savers, like me, that there are ‘those who are praying at this very moment for what it is you have to give.’ As Ms. Filley takes her readers to the pinnacle of Mount Accumulation, she allows a glimpse into the blessings and surprising benefits that can fall on those who give. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, through this book you will recognize the Giver of all good gifts and the many ways that He can continue to use the treasures He has graciously entrusted to you.” -- Susan Hammond, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When the time comes that material goods have to be scaled back or disposed of because of moving on to new living arrangements, this book will give many creative ways to "recycle" into appreciative new hands virtually all items that people own. (That includes even sickly old Rover).

Whether you have a few excess items or a whole houseful to get rid of, this book is for you. Many will want to donate the goods to a charity, while for others it might necessitate selling everything and converting the belongings into cash. In either event, we will help you sort through the various options.

For every single thing you no longer require or want, there's someone out there who desperately needs that very item. How to Dispose of Your Stuff helps you find that perfect recipient.

Author Bette Filley tells what to give, how to give, and who to give to, whether you're disposing of your own goods or someone else's. She turns it from a dreaded task into a truly rewarding experience.