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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Feb 2009
Monarch Books

What to Do When You're Scared to Death

by Pat Palau with PeggySue Wells

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“So what are you scared of?” It sounds like merely a childish taunt until you realize that all of us are afraid of something. Recognizing those fears, Pat Palau and PeggySue Wells have offered us help in What to Do When You’re Scared to Death.

Palau and Wells draw on Palau’s experience of breast cancer to convey truth about fear and hope, but the book is not merely a cancer support book. It goes deep into the heart of our fears and insecurities; both those we need and those we would love to be shed of: rejection, failure, illness, and death. Beginning with ordinary fears and healthy fears, the book advances through the fear of man, the dark night of the soul, and the fear of death, and the authors go on to offer hope spiritually and practically.

The style of the book is warm and conversational, like a cup of tea and a scone in the authors’ kitchens. They use examples from their lives and other anecdotes, fitting quotations, and poetry. They offer scriptural support in every chapter, including the introduction by evangelist Luis Palau: Psalm 119:11, Philippians 4:7, Matthew 11:28-30, etc. The verses emphasize the commonality of human fear, the possibility of peace in the midst of frightening events, and hope for eternity.

Each chapter ends with practical application points and suggestions for overcoming fear. One of the last chapters invites the reader to become a Christian and explains how. Another of the latter chapters deals with prayer and has the refreshing element of not being angry with God during a crisis: “Taking my cues from the world and shaking my fist at God when I most need to cooperate with him isn’t smart or necessary” (p. 219).

Pat Palau confides in us her fears, especially her dealing with breast cancer. She is a popular speaker, missionary, mother, and wife of evangelist Luis Palau. PeggySue Wells is a prolific writer of books and magazine articles, has homeschooled her seven children, and speaks dynamically on various topics relating to homeschooling, women’s issues, and writing.

They have presented us with a book full of understanding, hope from the Scriptures, and practical help. It is a good book to offer those in fear over illness, the threat of job loss, the future, or any other fear. I have already started a list of family members and friends whom I think would find it helpful. — Debbie W. Wilson,

Book Jacket:

What scares you to death? Terminal illness? Financial ruin? Loss of someone dear? For everyone whose life has been crippled by anxiety, here is a book about finding freedom. Pat Palau provides practical, tangible ways to make progress. Fear incapacitates; it strangles the life out of us. Her book guides the reader to those passages in the Bible that comfort, strengthen, and encourage. She provides trustworthy steps to get you moving again - despite and through your fear. Readers will understand their fear and its root causes; adopt practical, tangible tools to overcome fear; and begin new healthy life habits. Fear does not need to choke your life. Jesus Christ has already paved the way for your freedom.