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Trade Paperback
80 pages
Mar 2012
Paraclete Press

Writing to God: Kids' Edition

by Rachel Hackenberg

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After succeeding with an adult version of this book, author Rachel G. Hackenberg has now written Writing to God: Kids' Edition. In the opening of the book, she admits that when she was a kid, she didn't feel comfortable praying. She wondered if she should use formal sounding words, such as “thee,” “thou,” and “doest.” She also wondered if she was supposed to pray for all the people in the whole world, which would be difficult since she didn't even know their names. So, finally, she just said, "Uh…hi, God…" and started visiting with the Lord in a variety of ways. This book offers to share those ways with kids.

Among the techniques Hackenberg suggests is taking Bible passages in the Psalms or other poetic chapters and either singing them aloud to the tune of the ABCs or making up original praise songs that can be sung to the ABCs. She even shares one song she wrote this way. Other times she suggests making prayers that relate to the senses, thanking God for aromas, fragrances, soft textures, delicious tastes, lovely sounds, and beautiful sights. Another idea is to pray about secret fears, such as being alone in the dark or hearing weird noises or losing mom and dad.

Scattered amidst the pages are actual brief prayers written by children aged 5 through 11. These prayers include requests, praises, questions, confessions, and life observances. Often they are funny and many times insightful, honest, and blunt. The book also features very basic pencil and chalk drawings of everyday items, such as the sun, a stack of pancakes, falling leaves, a jump rope, and a few children and parents. Rachel Hackenberg is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary.

This book could be functional for elementary school children wanting to be more creative in their approach to prayer, but, interestingly enough, it contains suggestions that many adults would find original and stimulating, too. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Writing to God – Kids’ Edition offers guidance to kids that parents can also appreciate: It invites them to speak to God creatively through their pens (or pencils, or crayons).

In 35 days, kids are invited to pray to God using their senses, reflecting on their feelings, in light of Bible verses, looking at nature, to understand the ordinary events of life, to use new words and pictures for God, and as a way to say “thank you.”