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Trade Paperback
248 pages
Apr 2009
Xulon Press

Learn to Study the Bible

by Andy Deane

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Tired of plowing through a Bible passage, and not being exactly sure of what insight or message you got, or being bored, or, worse yet, being even more confused than when you began? Learn to Study the Bible has all the help you need to make your devotions and Bible studies worthwhile, informative, and exciting.

Author Andy Deane, a Calvary Chapel pastor, set out to turn a class of willing yet confused students into excited Bible readers. With the Lord’s help, he did it. This book grew out of that experience. Deane opens with a discussion about finding joy and treasure in the Bible, presenting the basics of all Bible study: observation, interpretation, and application. Then comes step-by-interesting-step instructions for each Bible study method. Since Deane encourages the use of a notebook with all schemes, he closes each section with an illustration of a notebook page for that particular system.

Prayer and repeated readings of the passage form an integral part of each technique. Many of the methods are so familiar you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Others are a bit more exotic, and will catch your attention. They range from that useful stand-by, The Daily Bread monthly publication, through studies of individual subjects like prayer or miracles. Following are samples of some other methods: Rethink and Restate, suggested for short passages, in which you write the passage in your own words; Six Questions to ask yourself about each passage you study; Verse-by-Verse Charting, using paraphrases and a standard form for a chart you prepare; Book Details; Book Characters; Messy Bible, with directions for color coding your Bible; Modern Issues, applying the Bible passage to today’s problems and interests; plus several just for younger students (and very useful for older ones, too), such as Funnel It ,where you draw a funnel and on successive layers describe the teachings of the passage. Deane wraps up all this information with suggestions for building a reference library and a few extra thoughts for continued Christian growth.

Learn to Study the Bible has interest and value for everyone, from you and me to the most advanced theological students and pastors. Church and Christian School teachers will find a lot of help in these pages. This book will truly guide you into “Studying to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:1). – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Has your Bible study time every felt dry and unorganized? Do you ever walk away forgetting what you just read? Have you lost your excitement and joy in Bible reading?

Many Christians answer yes to these questions. In Learn to Study the Bible you'll discover forty different step-by-step Bible study methods that you can use to study the Scriptures in many new and exciting ways.

Why should you use a method to study the Bible? Unless we have a plan to act upon, we are bound to fail. A Bible study method is plan. So each of the forty methods in this book provides a different plan that will help you to think through the passages that you read. They will allow you to slow down and patiently and prayerfully reflect upon Scripture as you are studying.

This book contains the largest variety of methods! It has more methods, how-to illustrations, and study aids than you will find in any resource. Whether you are just getting started in your walk with the Lord or a mature believer, you will find a number of Bible study methods that will add enjoyment to your study at home.