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160 pages
Apr 2008
Xulon Press

Your Ministry of Conversation

by Randy Fujishin

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When the topic of ministry comes up, many Christians think of such positions as pastor, youth minister, worship leader, or some other high profile position. But in Your Ministry of Conversation, Randy Fujishin exploress the importance of one of the most basic ministries that usually gets overlooked, mainly because of its simplicity.

Fujishin explains that the way Christians speak, even if it is only for a brief moment, can demonstrate the love of God to the listener. He makes it clear that he is not referring to formal speeches or presentations to large gatherings. He focuses on the use of simple, face-to-face conversations that happen every day.

Fujishin details his ten-point plan for developing a strong ministry of conversation. He starts with ‘welcoming others’, engaging them in conversation and establishing a connection with them, just as Jesus did when he met the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:5-15). He then moves to asking questions just as Jesus did when He encountered people. Fujishin even discusses the three types of questions and provides some specific examples as thought-starters.

After the initial steps, he walks his reader through listening techniques, a vital part of the process to ensure correct information is received. Being cheerful and encouraging others are covered thoroughly, followed by the importance of thanking others.

But Fujishin also points out how to respond to conflict if it arises. His four-step conflict resolution plan gives valuable information that can be used in any speaking situation. Perspectives on forgiving and praying for others are explained, leading to the final step of sharing Jesus with the person.

Fujishin provides a valuable and encouraging resource that gently leads the reader through every possible step he might encounter. He makes the Ministry of Conversation accessible and unintimidating to any believer. Jeff Friend,

Book Jacket:

God has given each of us the opportunity to speak and listen to all kinds of people everyday of our lives and your conversations can be seen as divine appointments to communicate the love of Jesus. Opportunities to encourage, reframe, support, guide, and even pray for those individuals the Lord brings across your path. This book shares 10 simple ways that Jesus teaches to communicate His love in your conversations. Welcoming others, asking questions, listening, being cheerful, encouraging, thanking, flowing with conflict, forgiving, praying, and sharing Jesus are conversation skills that each one of us needs to practice and improve. This book examines what Jesus taught and did as reported in the Gospels. And His instruction is radically different than that of the world. Learn what Jesus has to say to you about Your Ministry of Conversation and how you can share His love, one conversation at a time.