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Mass Paperback
384 pages
Jan 2011
Barbour Books

This Day in Christian History

by William Blake

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There are some books that are wonderful reads, but take years to get through. There are other books that are page-turning novels that grab every spare moment until you get the book read. Then there are books like This Day In Christian History that are fun, affordable books to put on your bed stand or coffee table to glance at for a few minutes a day.

This Day in Christian History has two random facts about church history on a single page for every day of the year. These tidbits of trivia are intentionally diverse. Some of the snippets are from ancient history and some of them are from fairly recent history. Denominationally assorted, I can read through this book and discover that on my wife’s birthday the Catholic Church endorsed the rhythm method as the only acceptable form of birth control, and then come to understand that Soren Kierkegaard was born on 2011’s National Day of Prayer.

The book is affordable. Printed as a “mass-market paperback,” it costs under $6. This Day in Christian History is also an entertaining book. It would make an excellent gift for someone who loves little factoids and trivia. It might even spur someone to learn more about a certain person or a certain period in Christian history. It is not a must read, but This Day in Christian History is fun to have hanging around the house. – Clint Walker,

Book Jacket:

On this day in history. . .something amazing happened in the Christian world. Find out just what with This Day in Christian History. Every day for an entire year, you’ll find a brief, easy-to-read highlight of church history, from the birth of modern Pentecostalism (January 1, 1901) to the first Salvation Army meeting (July 5, 1865) to one of the presumed endings of the world (December 31, 999). You’ll see the amazing panorama of Christian belief and practice over the course of the year, and appreciate more the God who works in all human history.