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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Aug 2011
Multnomah Books

Why Church Matters: Discovering Your Place in the Family of God

by Joshua Harris

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Joshua Harris’s Why Church Matters challenges believers to become involved in and passionate for Christ’s church. The book addresses believers’ lack of commitment to the church. Through it, Harris aims to show Christians the church’s importance in their lives and their responsibility to be a part of it: in worship, in service, in financial support, in outreach, in physical maintenance, and in community impact.

Harris’s thesis is that Christians “date” the church instead of “marrying” it. He shares his opinions carefully, neither pulling punches in being afraid of offending, but also not maliciously reprimanding his audience. Harris is experienced in the church and is now a senior pastor, which gives him plenty of credibility on his topic.

Harris shows believers why church matters, in their lives, i.e., why they need the church and how God has called them to be fully committed. He amply supports his ideas with Scripture, other authors and theologians’ thoughts on the subject, and personal stories related to himself and his family.

This book is a well-written and challenging reminder of God’s command to be active in His body. Harris researched his topic well, and the stories he shares are relevant and well told. Why Church Matters would be a good tool for people wanting to know how they can be better additions to Christ’s body. – Carlita Stewart,

Book Jacket:

Church isn't where we go. It's who we are.

We were never meant to live our faith in isolation. The church is the place God uses to grow us, encourage us, and use our gifts for His glory. In this honest, personal, and practical book, Joshua Harris shows you why it's time to say yes to church and how to find the right one for you--the place where you can fall in love with the family of God.


  • What you miss when you miss church
  • Ten questions to ask before you join
  • How to get more out of the best day of the week