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256 pages
Apr 2008
Multnomah Books

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

by Alex and Brett Harris

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Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris is a wonderful wake-up call for today’s youth. Beginning with the “myth of adolescence”, the Harris brothers reveal that it is only in recent days (the term “teenager was coined in 1941 in Reader’s Digest) that the youth of our culture has been allowed to act and think as children.

It is the premise of this book that our young adults (teens) have the capacity to do great things- even hard things, given the proper motivation, resources, and adult expectations. The brothers go on to cite teens in their “Rebelution” who, bucking the current childlike-adult trend, have purposed to Do Hard Things to make a difference in their world.

The Harris are unashamedly Christian, and this book is peppered with Scripture quotes that confirm their stance. However, even the non-Christian teen would benefit from their motivational challenge to reach their God-given potential. At the closing of the book, the brothers lay out the Gospel message and invite readers to believe on Jesus, who has done the ultimate Hard Thing: Dying in our place that we might be saved. It was a beautiful ending to a very inspirational book.

As a parent of a son who is on the edge of adolescence, I found this book to be inspiring, challenging, and a call to raise my expectations for my kids to step out and Do Hard Things. -- Tracey Bonsell,

Book Jacket:

A generation stands on the brink of a "rebelution."

A growing movement of young people is rebelling against the low expectations of today's culture by choosing to "do hard things" for the glory of God. And Alex and Brett Harris are leading the charge.

Do Hard Things is the Harris twins' revolutionary message in its purest and most compelling form, giving readers a tangible glimpse of what is possible for teens who actively resist cultural lies that limit their potential.

Combating the idea of adolescence as a vacation from responsibility, the authors weave together biblical insights, history, and modern examples to redefine the teen years as the launching pad of life. Then they map out five powerful ways teens can respond for personal and social change.

Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things is packed with humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action. This rallying cry from the heart of an already-happening teen revolution challenges a generation to lay claim to a brighter future, starting today.