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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Dec 2006
Xulon Press

Storm Surge: A Novel of Hurricane Katrina

by Ramsey Coutta

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Storm Surge is a novel about Hurricane Katrina and the multiple ways that this natural disaster impacted its victims. Daniel Trahan, a hydrologist, and Rachel Breland, a teacher, are thrust into the heart of this overwhelming turmoil, in addition to trying to solve a racist murder that took place almost four decades earlier. They must combine forces to survive the hurricane as well as solve the long-standing murder mystery, which forces Trahan to delve into his own past.

The beginning of the novel gives a fascinating account of the murder of a young man in the late 1960s. However, this diminishes the sense of urgency that Hurricane Katrina should bring and, instead, has the reader more focused on the reasons behind the crime. It would have been better if the story had focused on the imminent dangers that this storm threatened to bring. The writing itself is solid, although the love story feels forced and somewhat trite in places.

Nevertheless, the physical impacts of Hurricane Katrina are vividly described and create a realistic picture of this historic natural disaster. Having lived through this devastation, the author gives powerful examples of personal losses and tragedies.

The biblical applications are consistent throughout the book, especially as the author compares the hurricane to Jesus calming the raging storm as told in the New Testament. As the characters struggle through the story’s conflicts, they demonstrate the need for God as all else continues to fail. So, too, does the reader understand this after the last page is turned. He will be able to walk away with a new perception of Hurricane Katrina and of God. – Heather Schultz, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Hurricane Katrina, the most destructive natural disaster in US history, is churning towards Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana and the small coastal town of Port Sulphur. Soon it will unleash unimaginable destruction and suffering.

For Daniel Trahan, an environmental hydrologist working in the coastal marshes, and Rachel Breland, a teacher and youth minister, life will never be the same after being trapped in the deadly storm. Making a last minute decision to rescue a stranded family, ensnares them in a murderous plot from the past and the awesome ravages of the hurricane. Hurricane Katrina, a vicious murder, and a Sheriff hiding a deadly secret, all combine to push Daniel and Rachel to the edge of human endurance and mortality.

Finally reaching the point where they have no one to turn to but God, they must rely upon Him to see them through the ultimate life or death struggle.