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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Sep 2007

On the Loose

by Jenny B. Jones

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Just as Katy Parker is getting used to her new life with her foster parents, a tornado hits the small town, In Between, and sets off a corkscrew of events that will test Katy. Threatened with losing a loved one, Katy withdraws from her family and devotes herself to her new found dream: acting. When she receives the lead role of Cinderella, she also finds herself the girlfriend of prince charming, Trevor. Things spiral downward as Katy is kicked out of her own room by the selfish daughter of her foster parents, arrested by her crazy foster grandmother, and accused of stealing at school. Itís the final straw when Katy walks in on her boyfriend with another girl.

Katy learns that through all hard things there is always a lesson to learn. As love conquers all in this book, Katy discovers the real importance of family and loyalty, even to God. Lessons of true friendship, family, and Godís love are illustrated in the soft cover novel.

Written by Jenny B. Jones, On the Loose is the second book in the Katy Parker Production series. The teen novels are designed for preteen and teen girls who enjoy dramatic, a little romantic, and a bit cheesy, stories. Ė Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Six months into her stay with her foster parents, Katie Parker is finally adjusting to her new family. But after a tornado rips through the town of In Between, nothing is ever the same again.

When her foster mom, Millie, is diagnosed with cancer, Katie begins to doubt if God really does care. What will happen to Katie? Could she possibly have to leave In Between and the family she's come to depend on? Things spiral even further out of control when Katie juggles a science fair project, a malfunctioning best friend, spring break plans, and holding the attention of her own Prince Charming. It's going to take more than a glass slipper and some fairy dust to fix Katie Parker's problems. But will help come in time?