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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2009

When I Get Married: Surrendering the Fantasy, Embracing the Reality

by Jerusha Clark

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Digesting Jerusha Clark’s When I Get Married might take you longer than the average meal at Olive Garden. Within its pages, the author of Every Thought Captive and The Life You Crave takes a good, wordy look at 10 myths women often fall prey to believing about marriage. Unlike books such as Captivating or Sheet Music, which focus on a specific issue, When I Get Married covers such a greater spectrum of topics that takes time to absorb. It’s not a book you knock off in one sitting.

Myths covered (or should I say, uncovered) include “I’ll Always Feel Loved,” “I Won’t Feel Lonely Anymore,” “Sex Won’t Be an Issue Anymore,” and “It Will Be Forever.” Jerusha references many other books throughout these chapters, citing the wisdom of authors who have written in depth on these topics. The interviews she includes in each chapter as told in first person by the women being interviewed are particularly interesting and always pertain to the topic at hand. Each chapter also closes with some thoughts for discussion and scriptural tie-ins. For example, Psalm 56:8 is used as a reminder that the Lord remembers our sorrows.

In spite of all the content and research that obviously went into When I Get Married, I found myself wanting more. I’ve enjoyed the writing of Shanti Feldhahn and other women who write to the female heart. When I Get Married is written intellectually, almost logically. It lacks a strong, unique voice since it relies so predominantly on others and covers so much material that it’s difficult to process. Jerusha Clark has put forth a strong effort in When I Get Married and although this one can’t be considered a lightweight book, it would make a wonderful pre-marriage study that could be drawn out over several months. Getting married deserves some serious time for thought, and so does this book. – Lauren Richwine,

Book Jacket:

What are your expectations for marriage? If you think you’ll never be lonely, you won’t have to worry about money anymore, or sex won’t be an issue, think again.

Jerusha Clark exposes these and other common, destructive misconceptions about marriage, offering solid biblical truth to replace them. Whether you’re single, engaged, or already married, this book will challenge your thoughts about marriage and strengthen your relationships.

Learn to think clearly about marriage with powerful true stories, illustrations, and wisdom from people who've been there—and learned the hard way.