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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Jun 2011
New Hope Publishers

Servant Leadership: A Biblical Study for Becoming a Christlike Leader

by Rhonda Kelley

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There’s more to leadership than making decisions and telling people what to do. Rhonda H. Kelley writes that biblical leadership is about becoming a servant as Jesus was to others. In Servant Leadership: A Biblical Study for Becoming a Christian, Kelley uses Scripture, personal stories, and fill-in-the-blank questions to teach the reader what true biblical leadership involves. Different leaders have different callings and styles, and must learn to utilize them as well as recognize them in others. A biblical leader has a vision, is not afraid to delegate, takes praise with humility, and, above all, looks to God when she meets challenges and recognizes her limitations.

Specifically writing for women, Kelley provides a thorough look at biblical leadership as it applies to ministry. Her Bible study lacks broad application, however. It covers little on how to apply the principles discussed in the modern world outside of ministry. And not all women work in the Christian ministry. Kelley also provides thorough group discussion questions and activities at the back of the study. But the study may work better as an individual course, as the questions — both questions throughout the study and in the group guides — are either asking too much or too little. Unless the participant is extremely mission oriented or well versed in history or politics, she may find it hard to answer questions that ask for examples. Many of the questions are also easy to skip over. When the study asks readers to look up a Scripture or answer a question, Kelley goes on to give the answer for the reader.

The book’s faults are small, nit-picky details that don’t affect the quality or the participant’s ability to get something out of the study. But Servant Leadership is best reserved for those who take ministry or missions seriously and desire a career or wish to be overly involved in the church. – Harmony Wheeler,

Book Jacket:

Take the lead and serve.

Kelley guides readers to develop competent, biblical leadership with a spirit of servanthood.

You’ll find a comprehensive look at leadership, including:

- Discerning your call
- Confronting difficult personalities
- Discovering a vision
- Developing a team
- Focusing on character
- Prioritizing
- Identifying leadership styles
- Determining your legacy
- Recognizing limitations