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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Aug 2007
New Hope Publishers

Wonder Women of the Bible: Heroes of Yesterday Who Inspire Us Today

by Brenda Poinsett

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Anyone looking for inspiration during troubling times may want to take a look at Wonder Women of the Bible by Brenda Poinsett.  Poinsett discusses ways to be a wonder woman, and she uses women such as Hagar, Martha, and Esther as role models. Her purpose is to influence women and shed light on how they can improve their lives, which she does by relaying her messages through the deeds of the women written about in the Bible, and through their actions in regard to the crises they faced.

Poinsett has a master’s degree in religious education and is the author of several previous books. Despite this, her current book could have been written better. Certain sentences fail to flow smoothly. In trying to be divergent, the author quotes from numerous translations of the Bible, and although this gives diversity of interpretations, it also adds extra verbiage and presents conflicting writing styles. Poinsett doesn’t seem to have a central theme for this book, other than to present women of ethics, emotional strength, righteousness, and vision. She displays plenty of knowledge on the Bible and an understanding of human beings.

Wonder Women of the Bible may be mildly entertaining but is not captivating. It is better read in short sittings rather than from cover to cover.  Most readers will already be familiar with the stories regarding these women in the Bible, so despite efforts to add a fresh telling to the stories, Poinsett can only present what is already common knowledge. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily hold true for everyone, but for grounded Christians, it will. The book is written for women, probably from their late teens through their elderly years. Despite this intended audience, the book stands the possibility for impacting men as well, and could do well for practically anyone looking for inspiration and a better way to live their lives. – Joshua Wagner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Never doubt the supernatural power of God working through a tenacious and God-fearing woman! Wonder Women of the Bible brings to life the remarkable women of biblical times and brings to light their incredible accomplishments. Their stories will heighten the reader’s awareness of what God can do through ordinary people and will inspire trust and confidence in God.

While often portrayed only in the background of biblical accounts, the women of the Bible were, in fact, courageous and daring women who had important roles in biblical history. In many cases, their influence—though quiet and subtle—carried far and wide, touching countless lives. These women were powerful and heroic, but rarely heralded. They performed dazzling feats when empowered by God.

For any woman who has ever doubted her ability, lacked courage, or felt undervalued, overlooked, or limited in what she could do, Wonder Women of the Bible will revolutionize her ordinary outlook by connecting her with an extraordinary God.