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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jul 2011
P&R Books

Taken (Quest for Truth Book 1)

by Brock Eastman

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Climb aboard the Phoenix and join the Wikk kids for a galaxy-load of mystery and adventure in Brock Eastman’s Taken. This teen science fiction novel set in the far-off future opens the Quest for Truth series by Focus on the Family. In it, four children must fly solo for the first time and begin a search for answers about the history of humankind.

Seventeen-year-old Oliver Wikk is on break from the Federation Academy when he witnesses his parents’ kidnapping by a secret organization. The Wikks are archaeologists, and their latest discovery may reveal clues to the location of mankind’s origins, a mysterious place called Ursprung. To protect his siblings, Oliver must fly the Phoenix off-planet and figure out how to locate his parents.

From here, the adventure takes off in epic style. Oliver, his sister Tiffany, and twins Austin and Mason, travel to the planet Jahr des Eises to look for Mr. O’Farrell, their parents’ sponsor. While Oliver and Tiffany search, Austin and Mason get into trouble on the Phoenix with a curious blue boy. The four must choose whom to trust while they remain courageous without their parents. Oliver questions his parents’ recent secrecy with him, and Austin and Mason must learn to work together, as is written in Proverbs 17:17. Though God seems to be forgotten in this futuristic world, the Wikks are beginning to realize that someone is out there, watching over them.

Taken lures readers in with its intrigue, action, and sci-fi wackiness, but because it is the first book in the series, it has little time to develop the major plot points it introduces. The teen characters are believable in their uncertainties and their abilities. I would recommend it for readers ages twelve to twenty who love science fiction and a good story. – Alexandra Mellen,

Book Jacket:

"Five Four Three Two One!"

"We re out of here!"

Suit up! Jump into hyper flight with the four Wikk kids! Forced into a high stakes hunt for their missing parents by the sinister Cpt. Vedrik, the siblings' only hope is their parents' Archeos e-journal. Can Tiffany decipher the clues within it? As time runs out, it's all up to Oliver and his Federation training to fly the Phoenix and protect his crew. But twins Mason and Austin endanger the mission when they unexpectedly meet . . . the blue boy!

The Quest for Truth series unfolds as the four Wikk kids are thrust into a desperate race to find the mysterious planet Ursprung and stop the Ubel renegades from misusing its long-lost secrets. Ancient cities, treacherous villains, high-tech gadgets, the Phoenix encounter all of these and more on this futuristic, interplanetary adventure!